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  1. trenhard

    Chasing rules and regs

    Don’t want to step on peoples feet or say the wrong thing. Is there a link to Ausbb rules and regs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Goosey

    What should a personal trainer look like?

    Is it important he looks like what he teaches and coaches? Dis-cuss
  3. Shrek

    Upper Chest

    Can it be built using inclines etc?
  4. A

    Can you touch your toes?

    Okay, time for a little fun...step away from the computer! This is a 3-second trial at most... For those of you that can already bend and touch your toes whilst standing, try this variation and post up how you get on. Stand, legs together. Contract/Engage quad muscles. (maintain the...
  5. A

    Random Post

    Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding forum, has been around for quite some time , as a result we have several hundreds of thousands posts to step back in history , i have added a little feature to take you to a random post in the nvaigation menu, click "quick links" in the drop down you will see...
  6. J

    Mental Health

    Ok this is me testing the waters a bit, seeing no one here will ever meet me. so apparantlly people are trying to be accepting and open minded about mental health, but are they really? I was recently diagnosed with high functioning borderline personality disorder.. and now I feel more alone...
  7. Neddysmith

    Step Aside Mankini....

    Latest in mens fashion coming to a beach near you.... http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/fashion/the-new-menswear-trend-we-wish-wed-never-seen/story-fnjev484-1226955767115
  8. kaz

    The Thread About Running....

    Any runners on the forum?
  9. Fuzzy

    Adelaide is taking its first step towards a major strength gym!

    Hello all, my name is Firas. I'll keep this short and sweet, but me and James (I'm sure most here know him) are starting small, and looking to potentially set up a large dedicated PTC here in Adelaide. As it stands, there are two gyms on their way to be up and running. my parent's place, and...
  10. A


    'Necrobumping', for those who aren't aware, is the art of resurrecting threads that have slipped off the front page of their forum and into the catacombs of pages 2-10, usually never to be seen again by all but the bravest of forum adventurers in their search for a missing post or to find a...
  11. J

    Step up equipment question

    hi! my training routine requires me to do dumbbell step ups. My gym has a aerobic step but it's not knee high. the gym prohibits me from using weight benches. is it a good idea to stack up weight plates and do it on them?
  12. macca

    Rippetoe vs PTC

    Hey guy's, I've just read an article that touches on a few threads posted and things said over time by PTC. I'm a big fan of Rippetoe and in my opinion he's from the same school of thought as PTC 'There aint not school like the old school' haha. Anyway the article sheds some insight on 'the...