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  1. ironduke

    Roman Fritz

  2. A

    Anonymous posting now works again

    Anonymous posting now works again
  3. Neddysmith

    Mike Tyson Knockout compilation - All 44

  4. I

    New 'Big Rig' Tee & 'Warlord' Tank.

    Hey guys, 2 new additions to the family - the Big Rig Tee & the Warlord Tank - made from a nice light weight nu-cotton (ringspun, wicking and perfect to lift in - 155/165gsm weight) We've wound back a bit here - the "aesthetic" era has brought about a lot of peacock-esque garments (colorful...
  5. peanutz

    thailand surgery?

    hey ladies has anyone been to thailand for a cosmetic procedure? keen to hear peoples experiences! DM if you don't want to post :)
  6. coaltrain

    Pee see tee :)

    Hey guys n gals. Can I ask on here if anyone has used chem research sites to successfully order online nolva? It's coming to that time of the cycle and my usual has fallen through. Also what OTC products do/can you use to help with a PCT? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Shrek

    What is your name?

    Hi friends. Whilst we all have usernames to protect our identities I thought it would be great to share our real names. Do so only if you feel confortable in sharing you name. Some people feel more confortable talking to a real name rather than a nic-name. ;) Here is the...