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  1. B

    Samson Gym Equipment

    GDay As the title suggests Im Interested in buying some locally made gym equipment , Not being in a position to buy new at the moment as im looking at a kind of Re Hab type of training then to something more. Hopefully . I have managed through ebay and gumtree to find some old samson stuff and...
  2. A

    Teen suffers severe burns after plastic protein shaker explodes in his face

    Painful injuries ... Dion Chilton suffered third degree burns when a protein shaker he was filling with boiling water exploded in his face. Source: Snapper Media A UK teenager suffered third-degree burns after a plastic protein shaker containing boiling water exploded over his face. Dion...
  3. Shrek

    Chinese teen chops hand off to ‘cure’ internet addiction

    Chinese teen chops hand off to ‘cure’ internet addiction Beijing: A Chinese teenager has been rushed to hospital after chopping off his hand in a desperate attempt to cure his addiction to the internet. There are currently an estimated 24 million young "web junkies" in China, according to...
  4. A

    Teen catches his own 40 yard pass

  5. A

    Teen champion Kai Greene @ 1994 Hercules

  6. L

    Workout Equipment for beginner teen

    First thread on ausbb after just browsing the forums for past couple months. Have been working hard and am keen on purchasing some home gym equipment, as I only have those 24/7 gyms accessible to me. Budget is around $500-$1000 Any ideas on where to start? Help would be much appreciated :)
  7. I

    Fat loss problem. Need meal help!

    Hey everyone. I’m 16 years old, 12% bodyfat (Could be more than that, this is at least) and 72 kgs. I’m looking to get into the single-digit body-fat percentage range before Summer starts (2 months away as I live in Australia) so I can get my lower abs showing and so I can feel comfortable...
  8. harry1970

    Meet Georgina McConnell the bodybuilding teen

    very interesting read on her transformation: https://www.facebook.com/GeorginaMCconnellFanpageofficial Meet Georgina McConnell the bodybuilding teen before & after
  9. jchen

    Teen killed at 'Project X' inspired party

    A spring break party which was meant to emulate the hit movie 'Project X' turned deadly after several revellers fired guns as police shut it down. A teenage boy, who has not been identified, died from multiple gunshot wounds in the early hours of yesterday morning. The rave at a Houston...
  10. leachy94

    Beginner teen lifter.

    Hi, I was just wandering if i am noticing gains in strength on my lifting i.e higher reps becoming possible and heavier weights needed to stimulate my muscle fibers is it a given that my muscles will be growing? thanks :)
  11. T

    Mid Teen Program/s?

    Hi guys My brother is 15, will 16 in a few months and has decided he want to start going to the gym. Only problem is he wants to go with his mate who is lacking in the maturity department and he wont train properly while with him, only find ways to get into trouble. The fact that his diet is...
  12. Shrek

    What is your name?

    Hi friends. Whilst we all have usernames to protect our identities I thought it would be great to share our real names. Do so only if you feel confortable in sharing you name. Some people feel more confortable talking to a real name rather than a nic-name. ;) Here is the...
  13. G

    [Cycling] Driver who killed teen sues for damage

    http://www.denverpost.com/watercooler/ci_8077411 MADRID, Spain—A speeding motorist who killed a teenage cyclist is suing the boy's parents over damage to his luxury car, the government says. Enaitz Iriondo, 17, died instantly in August 2004 when businessman Tomas Delgado's Audi A8 crashed...