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  1. Stiff 2G

    Advancing on the Haka

    I used to love the Haka. Our Society is so female dominant with lies and manipulations a way of life, I used to say the Haka is so honest. Teams get fined if they advance on the Haka. But when Kiwis use throat slitting gestures, Adam Blair carrying a weapon advances on the other Team and one...
  2. Shrek

    Has there ever been a thicker..

    Neck? Jeff King.
  3. R


    G'day all, long time lurker very rare poster however have come across a mental block... Basically I feel like I'm not squatting enough. I'm following the beginner strength programme as best I can (not really good at consistent frequency of training, I'll have a great week the. Go on day shift...
  4. kindred

    Tongue / throat exercises for snoring

    Hey does anyone know where I could find a printable version of some Tongue and throat exercises that are designed to help reduce / stop snoring? I have found several videos but I want something I can print out.
  5. Rugby88

    Sore throat

    Yo guys - as some of you may know I have been sick over the last couple of weeks....this week I have been fine, training, eating etc etc But I have had this weird sore throat - sort of isolated to the left side of my throat - seems to be worst at night and as soon as I get up in the morning -...
  6. O


    Days of our lives type of thread coming at you! I have really low standards when it comes to dating. But .... check out this email i got. Should i call him? :D:D hey how are you? im XXXX 33 single guy from XXXXXX how has your week been? any interesting plans for the rest of the...