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  1. Stiff 2G

    Advancing on the Haka

    I used to love the Haka. Our Society is so female dominant with lies and manipulations a way of life, I used to say the Haka is so honest. Teams get fined if they advance on the Haka. But when Kiwis use throat slitting gestures, Adam Blair carrying a weapon advances on the other Team and one...
  2. Darkoz

    Adjustable trap bar

    I like the look of this trap bar with adjustable handles and they're not raised so you can get down lower in the bottom position https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0J25iBE9Do
  3. A

    Uncovered Dorian Yates

  4. S

    Fat loss

    Do you lift, your diet is spot on, what do you do for fat loss workouts? I've always trained to do tough mudder and even a marathon this year but never dropped any fat. I actually ate more. Next year I am throwing these events in the bin to purely focus on fat loss. What workouts do you do in...
  5. S

    UFC 194 Aldo v McGregor

    Get your tips in. Mod reps for right answer ...... hey @Shrek; :p
  6. J


    Who here lunges? Ive started doing them (after never really doing them before) after my skuawts, they really are a next level vomit inducing suffering.
  7. A

    People who left/modified their careers to pursue personal training. How did you do it

    People who left/modified their careers to pursue personal training. How did you do it and how has it been working out for you?
  8. I

    Big Rig & Hulk Sleeveless restock!

    Hello AusBB, for those waiting we have now restocked our Big Rig and Hulk Sleeveless hoodies. Big Rig tees are a gym favourite, loose fit and luxe feel from our 180gsm cotton. Click here to view! The ever popular hulk sleeveless is now restocked in all sizes and colours. Tough French terry...
  9. A

    Has anyone done the Tough Mudder?

    how did you train? and what was your experience in the challenge
  10. Goosey

    tough mudder

    Tough Mudder to Use 'Tear Gas' in Newly Designed Obstacle Courses - Downtown Brooklyn - DNAinfo.com New York The bottom line, is the bottom line, the only people that will get anything out of this are the people running these events
  11. A

    Have you done the Tough Mudder or something like it

    Have you done the Tough Mudder? What was the experience like? what training helped you? any else you want to share about your experience
  12. spartacus

    So much for Denmark's tough approach to banned PED use since 2010

  13. A

    Why Tough Mudders are getting horrible cases of diarrhea

    IT TURNS out the toughest obstacle of a Tough Mudder-style race might not be dodging live electrical wires, hoisting logs or leaping over a wall of flames. It might be the nasty stomach bug that can come from swallowing the muddy water, the New York Post reports. The US...
  14. S

    Tough Mudder 2014

    Anyone partaking again this year or attmepting it for the first time?
  15. Goosey

    Training through tough times

    I like this guys thoughts, It might help. Training Through Tough Times by Nathan Harvey A year and a half ago, my training couldn’t have been better. Every week I added a pound to upper-body exercises, 2.5 to lower-body exercises, and half a pound to my bodyweight, which had reached a high...
  16. K

    Tough MUdder.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vh5HdPM_QuE Tough Mudder events are hardcore 20 km-long obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses and half a million...
  17. A

    Ausbb QLD Flood appeal

    We have all seen and heard about the floods that have hit Queensland , the damage that a bit of water has done , cars getting washed down the main street , houses,property and lives lost I ask the members of ausbb to spare a few bucks a bit of church change as little as $2 and deposit it via...
  18. S

    breast size and what to do to increase it

    i'm a bit embarrassing asking this , but it's something that i need to ask I'm quite tall but i have little boobs (36B ) i want to increase my bust size normally - with muscle size and if that fails Any ideas girls?