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  1. R

    Stacking BCAA's with peptides

    Hi there I've read conflicting reviews regarding the use of BCAA's and GH/GHRH secretagogues. I've read that the secretagogues, if taken too soon after, can be negated by the BCAA's?? Wondering if anyone can add to this conversation - either way? I have an A&P background, but not sure about...
  2. M

    Television program about body image

    Hi guys, I'm working on a program about body image in Australia and it would be great to talk to some of the guys and girls on this thread about what the ideal body is, and what lengths we go to to achieve it. The program wants to have an honest conversation about exercise and body image in...
  3. S

    How many pull ups can you do?

    How many pull ups, (not chin ups) can you do in a row? Please 1. Must be of current, not your best 2 years ago 2. Just bodyweight, chin to bar till failure. Just want to know the genuine maximums of the little and big guys. I just did 15 and could not get 16 to chin, now time to get it...
  4. S

    Start heavy & go light? Or vice versa?

    Hi guys, For 3 years I trained light, then heavier, then heaviest. Eg. Bench 60kg/10 reps, 70kg/8 reps, 80kg/4 reps. Recently I flipped it: 80kg/6 reps, 70kg/8 reps., 60kg rep till fail. I find it much better as you are able to lift the heavy weight straight away as your muscles are not...