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  1. S

    Airline asked Powerlifter to prove she was female

    https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/powerlifter-rejected-from-flying-told-to-prove-she-was-a-woman/news-story/8507104625eb4b1260c2a39dcb6fe97e Does this woman compete in womens events or is this a transgender thing? Looking at her Instagram I can see why the airline may have thought she...
  2. I

    ⚡*EOFY Gym Apparel Sale On Now. Discount code inside!*⚡ (Ends Soon!)

  3. I

    🎅*XMAS VIP Specials #2 - Amazing Gift Ideas! Ends Friday - Check It Out*🎄

    🎅*XMAS VIP Specials #2 - Amazing Gift Ideas! Ends Friday - Check It Out*🎄 Check it AUSBB :) support@irontanks.com.au for any questions or queries!
  4. Shrek


    Who's going to win? The Joker should win the mens. I think the womens is wide open. Serina is chasing 22nd GS. The pressure is getting to her and has lost her last 3 GS finals I'm gonna back Simona Halep @ $22. Just a tenner.
  5. A

    Bodybuilding for beginners

    If you could impart any advice for beginners who want to get into bodybuilding what would it be?
  6. A

    GBPF - Womens Classic Powerlifting 2015

    GBPF Womens Classic Powerlifting championships from Bournemouth
  7. I

    Womens Climaxx Range Now Available!

    Hey ladies, finally after some delay - our latest innovation has arrived! Click here to view the collection, see below for photos! Mens shorts, rag tops, stringers etc restocked with more on the way!
  8. Shrek

    Ass Anyone?

    Legit ass poses.
  9. H

    Womens Weight Lifting shoes

    Hi all, What shoes are available with a 3/4" heel? Would a men's Perfect Power Adidas fit a women's U.S 7.5 running shoe size? What do you ladies wear? Thanks
  10. S

    Ladies of AusBB

    Now I need to go shopping for a new bra as I also have no boobs damn it.