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  1. Stiff 2G

    HEROES keeping us safe

    Shout out to all our Emergency Workers; our Ambos, our Police, our Hospital staff, our charity Workers and everyone else keeping us safe during this Covid crisis. These people are working under VERY trying conditions at the moment, a lot being overworked and exhausted. Apparently morale is...
  2. S

    Homosexual Men in Parks

    Getting real annoyed by Homosexual Men in Brisbane and Gold Coast Parks, watching, lurking and hanging around Toilets for long periods of time. I've also had a few individual "gay looking" Males approach me or my Car. I have recently been losing my cool and told the ones who are clearly stalking...
  3. A

    Night shift workers, how do you fit exercise into your schedules?

    Tell us your experiences of how you navigated night shifts or being nocturnal and working out
  4. A

    Defence snubs SA-made Rossi boots in favour of imports for Defence workers

    ADELAIDE footwear company Rossi Boots has been rejected for a lucrative Defence Department contract — and instead, Australian soldiers will wear boots made in Indonesia. No Cookies | The Advertiser
  5. A

    More aid workers in top pay brackets

    [snipp THE Commonwealth agency in charge of tackling global poverty has experienced a blow-out in executive staff, numbers soaring from 335 to 852 in just five years. AusAID, responsible for managing Australia's $5.2 foreign aid program, is the most top-heavy of all federal...
  6. skywalker21

    Mine workers

    For anyone who works in the resources industry I want to hear your experiences on how you got in ? Was it through a mate, old mans a boss, relevant trade, experience through another similar job, got lucky as a Greenie, right time right place, you actually live there etc etc. Did you even try...
  7. M

    Is everyone on here ignoring me?

    Serious. what do i have to do to get people to reply to a post or a question?