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2010 - Tampa Pro


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
This comp is going to be stacked in the opens and 202's - looking forward to see how it goes:



Hide 1 week out (guest pose):


Troy 1 week out:




Fucked up Kunce
I few guys there I haven't heard of. Should be interesting.

Troy looks amazing. Hope he nails it.


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
Iam looking forward to seeing Mike Libertore and Brandon Curry - Mike has the shape and size to win this show I reckon....he got totally screwed in his last show and got 14th where everyone had him top 5...so hopefully this does not happen again.

Troy ALWAYS looks sick in the pics leading upto the comp and then sometimes he comes in off - if he comes in razor sharp condition and shape he could get top 3 I think.


Fucked up Kunce
Let's hope the 2 Aussies do well.
Joel, can you post the results when know and a sh1tload of pics. :)
Reps if you do ;)


New member
What's with the huge bulging belly button? Is that a herna?

Edit- Ruhl had/has the same thing!
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I have Ep1c Calendar kunce

1. Ben White
2. Troy Alves
3. Johnnie Jackson
4. Edward Nunn
5. Michael Kefalianos
6. Brandon Curry
7. Hidetada Yamagishi
8. Francisco Bautista
9. Mike Liberatore
10. Darrem Charles
11. Alexandre Nataf
12. Constantinos Demetriou
13. Omar Deckard
14. Manuel Romero
15. Jo Jo Ntiforo
16. Serdar Aktolga
16. Mark Antonek
16. Damaso Chacon
16. Oleg Emelyanov
16. Vonne Francis
16. Heinz Senior
16. Greg Ulysse
16. Manuel Lomeli

1. Jose Raymond
2. Steve Namat
3. Tricky Jackson
4. Nate Wonsley
5. Luc Molines
6. Clarence DeVis
7. Feliz Abiu
8. Frederic Sauvage
9. Angel Rangel Vargas
10. Naor Ziv
11. Daryl Stafford

I'll get some pics up tomoz when I am at work!