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2013 riddle me this riddle me fat


New member

Just a bit of a quick update. Still not fully healed but am good enough to actually start working hard in the gym so I've started going. It's hard to explain how fucking happy I am while there too. I'm quite sure I might be getting a bit annoying for the other people trying to train as I sing and dance around.

Body wise has overall gone a bit downhill from initial entry, but I know when I am able to train it helps me eat better as well. Training tends to take up all my neurons, TV does not so the ones not working start dreaming of poptarts.

I'll post a picture when I feel I've made enough progress to be visible.

It's not the end of the contest right? I've still got most of the year left really. Heh heh.


New member
Ummmm made some progress but nothing to really write home about.

Lost some weight. Increased lifts.

Going crazy, that sort of thing.