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500lbs (227kg) Lat Pull Down & 500lbs Seated Row


New member
Hi Guys,

New user here so no idea where I am supposed to post this, so go easy.

I just wanted to let all of you who are from Melbourne know that there is a gym in Melbourne with a cable Lat Pull Down & Cable Seated Row with 500lbs (227kg) stacks.

The gym is Derrimut Health and Fitness. They also have 200lbs (90Kg) Dumbbells. Check it out.

One last thing, they are open 24 hours a day including Christmas and New Years Eve/Day.

Happy lifting.


New member
Super 1st post eh?

Can some one smell..



Fucked up Kunce
The guy was in such a hurry to post his spam and GTFO he spelt Jackson wrong, check his username.

His e-mail is Dean Jackson.

How about an intro next time you log on?
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New member
So many questions,

@minchia, the gym is located in Melbournes Western Suburbs between Laverton and Deer Park.

@prison mike, no curl racks but have a good squat rack you could use or the preacher curl.

@ shrek, owned. I spell it like that cause someone else is using the correct one. Funny enough not me. edit: I guess being a "Super Moderator" makes you special, huh?

@lozzo, why not? they have two flat olympic benches for the guillotine and floor space for your neck curls. Pt's and staff on site to spot you if you need it.
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Fucked up Kunce
Dude, I deleted your post.

You come on and spam a gym without an intro. What do you expect?

How about you drop the attitude?


why dont people understand why we get pissed off when they blatantly advertise something shit on a free site?


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
PowerSports has a prowler and its hard to use but real good for you know fitness and stuff...everyone should come I will totally give u a free session...

By the way its in Canberra and we have 1000kg DB's