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Ausbb Ausbb 90 Day Transformation Challenge #2


New member
I lost nearly 20kg in last few months waist down from 44 to 40 but think I can fit into 38s the 40s are loose.

next 90d challenge I will enter :) atm stomach pretty messed up will post results if it gets better 3-4 months.
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BigRed Kunce
Started to count the calories i eat now, i aim to consume under 1800 a day, moving to 1500 as i go on


New member
You're a big guy, I reckon 1800 is not enough and you'll end up sick, bingey or disappointed.

You need to be eating enough to support your training but with a reasonable deficit to support sustainable weight loss.

Listing all your food intake is a good idea but I would rather see what you're eating now, rather than your target calories, at least for a couple of weeks then make an informed decision where to be with a diet target.

(with the help of random internet nobodies and some smart people, the future will decide what category I belong to but there are always more of the former than the latter, lol)

Think about how many years it took to get to your current shape and remember its a marathon, not a sprint to get to where you want to be, id rather see you use the 90 days to get your training in order instead of crash dieting.
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New member
I agree, I think that's far too low for your body weight/size. I've seen people reduce their calories too much and their weight loss stops as their body goes into starvation mode. You still need to eat to lose weight. A good indicator is your scales. Aim for about 1kg a week. If you're losing more than that, bump your calories up a bit.

And with weight loss, you need to leave room for progression. 5 weeks of losing 1kg a week is a lot in a short period of time. At the end of 4-5 weeks, recalculate your calories and then you can drop them back a bit more.