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Australia Day 2010


New member
I have a thread on another forum, and instead of directing you all there, I will post on here as well. A few of you have expressed interest in competing, so I'll post details in here.

With the unprecedented success of BATB3, I thought I would begin organizing the next event much sooner. I am hoping to have all our sponsors return and I'm planning on generating even more interest.

There will be more equipment at PTC shortly, including a power rack, DB and KB racks, more bars, and fingers crossed, an extension with a lifting platform.

I will begin making Strongman apparatus, I have a few ideas already.

I'm guessing I wont be able to house all the competitors, but I think I may be able to organize a 10 person camper to park on the easement beside my property.

I will also get the details of the Accomodation available 1-2 kms from my house.

With Australia day landing on a Tuesday next year, most of you will need to organize a day off on the Monday, just in case your employer wants you to work. Lifting will be on Saturday and Sunday, as per usual.

Two comps, 5 lift on Saturday and Strongman on Sunday

Okay, looks like I'll have a Log, a Yoke, some platforms for Stone loading at AD10. The Strongman section will be different to other years.

Running down the road with double your bodyweight on the Yoke should be fun.

Clean & pressing bodyweight on the Log will be interesting.

The NEW Farmers Walk implements are being made....HEAVY.

As far as the 5 Lift Comp goes, it will be in 2 sessions, just to make warm ups easier. Too hard with that many lifters.

I'm still undecided whether to split it up in bodyweights or strength.

Shorty squats 170kg @ 70kg, Bluey squats 145kg @ 112kg.

I'll have to work out which will be the most efficient way on the day, possibly bodyweights, but thats not set in stone


I am interested in this Markos, I even have the go ahead from my Fiancee. I will probably stay in Melbourne the night before and make the drive out to Frankston in the morning.

You say the 5 lift comp will be held in 2 sessions? They will still be on the same day right?


New member
Yep, lighter guys in the morning session, the big guys in the afternoon session.

Strongman is all in lol

I'll just copy and paste a post I put up on ns.com


New member
Okay, Nina and I have sat down and worked it all out.

I want to get numbers in as soon as possible. Once I have the numbers sponsors jump on board quick. This was the case at BATB3, only I didnt have final numbers till a few days before. Most like to wait till the last week. This is extemely frustrating, around 6-8 lifters didnt get a shirt this year. I dont see the point in waiting if you know youre coming.

Now obviously the more lifters the more sponsors. They want exposure for their dollars. I post pics up of the events over 4 websites, and videos on Youtube. there are nearly 14,000 visitors to the PTC website. At Bash, most got 3 prizes. I'd like this to be the norm. For that to happen, I need paid up competitors as early as possible. In the end Horleys got in late, so while I had great banners up, they missed out getting their logo on the shirt.

I feel I can get many more sponsors with 50 paid up competitors. The quicker I have them, the quicker I can approach them. I'm not going to approach them with an approximate number and end up with egg on my face.

I am having equipment built that will be used almost exclusively at the comp, Strongman gear doesnt get used much in normal day activities at PTC, this stuff aint cheap, but I think it will make for a better comp.

The entry fee for this 2 day event is $60, and includes food, drink and a T Shirt for both days. There will also be trophies for each day as well as prizes. How many depends on how soon I can approach sponsors.

I am also offering the oppurtunity of ordering a Hoodie with the comp logo on it. These will be pre orders only, paid for upfront. I wont be ordering them after the comp. These will still be the regular price of $40 each.

Entry fee can be paid into

Markos Markopoulos
BSB 083231
ACC 284326431

Send me an email or pm notifying me that you have made payment please, or simply post on here


I'll keep you posted Markos. I need to book a few things first.


New member
I have been thinking about some of the events for the Strongman. As long as I have the equipment in time, here are a few I'm considering at the moment.

Bench press bodyweight for reps
Squat 1.5 x bodyweight for reps
Clean & press log with bodyweight for reps
Double bodyweight Yolk walk, distance undecided
Farmers Walk
UDL 64kg x 1 minute
Atlas stones
Some sort of medley
Keg press
Car push
Sled drag
Some kind of patial deadlift, maybe a car ( I'm not joking)

Some are ones we have used in the past, some are new.

More on this later


Sound bloody awesome! Some of it is geared for the lighter guys.

People are going to feel flogged after a day of lifting and then a day of that stuff!! You are a sadist Markos!


New member
Last comp at Easter

Nick 102.3kg won 5 events
Max 69.8kg won 3 events
Ghosty 63.3kg won 2 events
Chris 100.8kg won 1 event
Alen 82.3kg won 1 event
Simon 81.8kg won 1 event

Some lifters tied in some events, but as you can see, the events were equally split between weight classes. The reason nobody weighing between 90kg and 100kg didnt win an event was, I didnt have any competitors in that weight class.

2 x U/70kg
2 X U/90kg
2 x U/110kg

1. Nick 102kg
2. Simon 81kg
3. Alen 82kg
4. Chris 87kg
5. Chris 100kg
6. Max 69kg
7. Ryan 86kg
8. Mick 84kg
9. Ghosty 63kg
10. Dan 75kg

These were the top 10 placings, as you can see, it doesnt favour the heavier guys, its balanced.


New member
I now have 20 paid up entrants, including the first ever interstate female lifter.

Sharon is from Canberra, these are her PB's at 60kg and 163cm

Military Press 40k
Squat 90kg
Bench Press 52.5kg
Power Clean 57.5kg
Deadlift 120kg

Very strong girl.


New member
Here is the entry list for AD10 so far. If you plan to enter please pay the entry fee ASAp to make sure you get your shirt, the names in bold are ausbb.com members. The nicknales are off another forum.

1. Ghosty - QLD - paid - M - my place + AD10 Hoodie
2. Max - Vic - paid - M + AD10 Hoodie
3. Annie - Vic - paid - 12
4. Liam - QLD - paid - L - lkt004
5. Simon - Canberra - paid - XXL - Bluey - my place
6. Ben - Vic - paid - XXL - 180sxCA18
7. Ryan - Vic - paid - L - Airwave
8. Blake - Canberra - paid - M - BHA - my place
9. Dim - Vic - M - paid
10. Howie - Vic - XXXXXXXL - paid
11. Amanda - Vic - 14 - paid + AD10 Hoodie
12. Old James - Vic - XXXL - paid
13. James - Canberra - L - paid - Moz2007- my place
14. Chris - Canberra - XL - paid - B side - my place
15. Daniel - Canberra - M - paid - EnzymeX - my place
16. Shorty - NSW - S - paid - my place
17. Ronnie - Vic - L - paid - Nievs
18. Chris - NSW - XL - paid - Chris S15 - my place
19. Alen - Vic - L - paid - Keiichi 2
20. Sharon - Canberra - 10 - paid
21. Matt - QLD - XXL - paid- Advan - my place
22. Brendon - Canberra - XL - paid - Remote GT - my place
23. David - Vic - L - paid - little devil
24. Daryl - Vic - M - paid
25. Eddie - SA - XL - paid - Mr Pasqualee - staying at my place
26. Nick - Vic - XL - paid - NPR
27. Dimi - Vic - 14 - paid
28. Simon - Vic - M - paid - Simon C


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
Plenty of Canberra ppl! - good to see!

Maybe we should have a 2nd round the week after down in Canberra at PowerSports hehe


New member
I love the Canberrians, very supportive of my comps, have been from the beginning, sort of, only 2 QLD's came from interstate for the very first comp.

Seven from one state/territory is a record.

I didnt even know there were 7 people that lifted weights in Canberra lol


New member
You should come Joel, its wicked fun!

Ill have to pull my finger out and do some strongman training.


New member
The total number of lifters is approaching 40, will hit closer to 50.

The ONLY drawback to the PTC comps is the length due to the popularity.

Max and I have decided to split the lifting into 2 groups. This will enable a lifter to complete all his lifts in 2 - 2 1/2 hours rather than 5-6 hours.

The A session will begin at 11.00am and finish at 1.30pm. We will follow with lunch, and the B session will begin at 2.30pm and finish at 5.00pm.

Weigh in is still done as soon as you get there. There will be no need for anyone to hang around from 10.00am till 7.00pm if they dont want to, I understand its a very long day.

There are still a number of lifters who havent paid entry fee, so coming up with final figures is an issue, but at the moment, using the 600kg mark as a split leaves us with a 50-50 split.

Those lifting under 600kg lift in the A session and those totalling over 600kg lift in the B session. Obviously the winner can come from either section as lifting is based on bodyweight.

The only lifters I dont have total for are Tim and Liam, could you guys please give an indication of you current total please


New member
We need to start a campaign to get Oliver and Morgan to the comp, both boys are huge and strong, plus I would love to meet them.

Please annoy them with pm's lol

Thank you.


New member
Okay, after much consideration, I've decided to make a change to the 5 lift comp at PTC.

I've been questioned as to why we have to clean our overhead, considering we clean already in the event. Why not press it the first time. Great point.

From now on the overhead is taken from the rack. Here are my reasons.

1. Nobody will be disadvantaged, nobodys press will be lower without a clean
2. I'm worried about fatigue/injury with 4 of the 5 lifts involving the lower back
3. It will speed up the comp, but only slightly
4. The purpose of the event is too see maximum weight overhead, the clean limits this
5. We clean and press twice in the Strongman, kegs and BW for reps
6. I will soon be holding Olympic lifting comps, we can C&J there
7. Its a LONG weekend, the lifters health comes first, maximum weights without injury is my goal
8. It allows those without bumper plates to train the lift ANYWHERE
9. Without a platform, I cant have lifters dropping the bar, and the weights are getting HEAVY.
10. My comp, my rules

The totals boards will be adjusted as I recognize the best presses from the rack.

Feel free to discuss, I'm open to all suggestions. Those that are great cleaners like Nick, Eddie and Max will be slightly disadvantaged as others with a lesser technique wont be hamstrung. Bad luck.