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Avatar returns to movie screens August 27, 2010


New member
Avatar returns to movie screens August 27, 2010

Source - vancouversun.com

Film fans who haven't seen Avatar yet — or who can't wait to see it again — now have their big date: It's coming back to theatres on Aug. 27.
The re-release on 3-D and Imax screens will include eight minutes of new footage.

Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time, has already brought in $2.7 billion worldwide, and 20th Century Fox points out that it's also the top-selling Blu-ray Disc of all time.

"Since — and largely as of result of — Avatar's release last December, the number of available digital 3-D screens has exploded, and moviegoers who missed experiencing the film in 3-D will now have that opportunity," Fox said in a news release. It said the studio has been inundated with requests to re-release the movie in theatres in 3-D.

It quoted Cameron as saying, "Audiences repeatedly told me they wanted more of Pandora, and wished they could have stayed there longer. So we're making that possible. Avatar: Special Edition will be exclusively in 3-D, and will have eight minutes of never before seen footage, including new creatures and action scenes. Whether you already love the movie, or you've never seen it, with this Special Edition, you'll be seeing it like never before."

Fox has picked a good weekend: The only competition is a horror movie called The Last Exorcism, a faux documentary, and Going The Distance, a rom-com with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.


James Cameron gives me the shits.

Can't wait for this 3d FAD to fade out just as quick as it came in.

Hollywood needs something original instead of this animation/sequels/remakes/fantasy crap that keeps coming out.


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
3d fad will be around for awhile , harvey norman are getting right into it , sports are getting right into it


New member
i saw avatar at the cinemas twice, the first time just as a normal movie, and the second i thought id check out this 3D business.

i reckon 3D is not all that great, it dims down all the colours. and in a movie like avatar the colours are everything.
the normal movie was much more appealing to me, very vivid:D


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
I saw Avatar and honestly I couldnt work out why everyone loves it so much....it was ok to watch, but you could tell what was going to happen...nothing really special about it at all...but I guess thats wat is "in" at the moment...

Dunno what sort of wacked out ppl were upset when the movie finished and wished they still lived in Avatar land...**** what is the world coming to...

**** bring out some movies like full metal jacket, platoon, in the name of the father, alive, midnight express....now they are movies!
Last edited:


New member
A whole 8 Extra Minutes!! :eek:

Come ON!

I would've expected at least another 20mins! Yes
it's already long but hey if you are going to
give it another run put some value in it.


New member
my mate downloaded it, i skipped through it in about 30 seconds and decided it was just more hollywood crap

yeah and **** 3d, you get over it very quickly


New member
Did they extend the alien sex scene?

I felt so ripped off by that movie. I was expecting that, for the first time, we successfully invade an alien planet and kick arses (got so close in Starship Troopers). Instead, we got the farking hippy PC peace pipe treatment.