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Here is a great strength standard chart a powerlifter I work with posted on another forum. I thought this forum might like it.


It's compiled by very highly regarded strength coaches and I personally think it is a very good indicator or strength level.

Find the weight you fall BELOW and work out your lifts from there.

Here are mine currently.

Press - Advanced (95kg)
Bench - Intermediate (142.5kg) (only 1kg off advanced)
Powerclean - Intermediate (117.5kg)
Squat - Intermediate (187.5kg) (5kg off Advanced)
Deadlift - Advanced. (230kg)

I'll make advanced on the bench and squat next time I test 1rm's. Hopefully I'll make the powerclean by the end of the year.

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extra crispy
im 182lb's, surely i can drop into the 181lb bracket? ;) otherwise i'll post up at the end of the week :D


You have to make those lifts in the respective brackets also. For example I cant cut from 108 down to 95 I cant claim the lifts I made at 108 when I weigh 95.
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extra crispy
i'll post up anyway:

press - novice (55kg)
squat - novice (125kg)
bench - intermediate (100kg)
deadlift - intermediate (160kg)
powerclean - novice (80kg)

press and squat are very close to intermediate especially if i drop that 1lb and still make the lifts.
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This is a great post. I am going to attempt my 1RM's in the next week or so. So I will just go off the heaviest weight I have moved and that is usually for 6 reps, sometimes 4 with two assisted lifts.

Body weight - 77kg

Press - Intermediate (70kg)
Squat - Intermediate (120kg)
Bench - Intermediate (110kg) pretty close to advanced
Deadlift - Intermediate (140kg)
Powerclean - Un-trained (I did a few for my first time the other night with 60kg with a press too. I need HEAPS of work on form, but I really want to start doing them as it would sure help me in my progress.)

I now have some good goals to aim towards now. I would love to achieve advanced level of lifting across the 5 lifts. Now to start doing 1RM's.

EDIT: Adding weights as requested.
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Kyle Aaron

Active member
I can't deadlift and I've never powercleaned, and I don't know my 1RMs, but...

BW = 171lbs, in the 181lbs category
Press, 3x 110lbs, novice... supposedly 1RM would be 122lbs, still novice
Bench, 6x 176lbs, novice... supposedly 1RM would be 212lbs, intermediate
Squat, 5x 132lbs, untrained... supposedly 1RM would be 153lbs, still untrained. Need to get to 220lbs for "novice" - hey, this I'm working on! I will probably never achieve it though, physio says not to go above bodyweight.

Thus, overall I am a novice. They say,

"Novice" means a person training regularly for a period of 3-9 months. This strength level supports the demands of vigorous recreational activities.

I've been training regularly with weights since late April, so 4 months. Thus I do not stand out as particularly good or bad in my progress ;)
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Kyle the only way to test 1rms is to get under the bar and do a 1rm. You cant claim a "predicted" 1rm.

To the other guys post up the weights you are moving.


This is a great chart, but you guys should never feel that your not doing great. I keep telling clients its not where you start. My first bench session was 25kg, I got better as a I kept lifting.

This chart should provide inspiration to you all.

The Hulk

Active Member, Site Advertiser
I'm intermediate for everything and advanced for press.
Just recently started training these lifts for strength, so looking to improve alot over the next 12 months.


I was hoping you would post in this thread.

100% correct. I remember when I was benching 25kg dumbells and struggling with 60kg squats, only a touch over 2 years ago.

Kyle Aaron

Active member
Kyle the only way to test 1rms is to get under the bar and do a 1rm. You cant claim a "predicted" 1rm.
Absolutely. But the point is - though I didn't express it well - that it doesn't actually change the overall picture.

A person who is overall untrained, novice, intermediate, advanced or elite, whether you go on their 5RM or 1RM, you'll get the same overall level across several lifts, unless they're leaving something behind in development.

I think that's one use of the chart, to remind us where we ought to stand. Most of us know we shouldn't squat less than we bench, but some of us need the reminder; and most of us wouldn't be sure whether (say) a 200lb deadlift was out of whack with a 270lb squat or not.

I say this as someone who pushed up his bench as far as it could go without strengthening back, and so had to start on strengthening legs, too. Knowing the relative amounts of the various lifts if they're to be balanced, this is good.

It's also useful to know what is a reasonable rate of progress. If you believe the e-claims you see on various forums, anything less than a 300lb bench in the first six months means you're a cripple :D
PTC said:
This is a great chart, but you guys should never feel that your not doing great. I keep telling clients its not where you start.
Absolutely! As I put it: it doesn't matter what I lift today, only that I lifted more, more times or faster today than I did yesterday ;)


New member
im not even un-trained!!!

okie.. that is not something to be proud of... :x

will post my stats again in 3months time :D


My wife Nina is Elite on squat, bench and deadlift, Advanced on press and powerclean.

My son 17yo Max is Advanced on squat and Intermediate on all the rest. This is an adult chart, I wish they released a junior one