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I recently changed my bench technique after attending a seminar. It feels better on my shoulders and I feel stronger but I'm nnoticing on days where I deadlift after I'm pretty sore through Tye back from arching more..
Will that go away? Will I just get used to it?


For me, the more I practice my bench arch, the less soreness it gives me (except for 1-2RMs, and even then it's not so bad). So I'd predict that with practice you will get less back soreness from bench press.

On the topic of arching, there's more than one way to do it -- some methods being safer than others. You always want your core to be supporting your back, and my suggestion is that tightness around the entire trunk should take precedence over how much of an arch you get. This should minimise soreness in the erectors and protect the spine.
Yeah I don't actually arch that much I don't think, its just a different position... I have my heels up instead of flat, which I got taught originally by SSG, now I've just tweaked it a little

canned tuna

I am finding a smaller arch preferable, where core tightness is prioritised.
Feels like you can drive the arch downwards with abs, if that makes sense

Rather than excessive arching beyond a point you have no mid section tightness

Have had sore discs for excessive arch attempts..

Not a pro at the technique myself however


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hahaha rumble roller is nowhere near enough
I'll video my mobility shit tomorrow and post it up