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New member
My partners daughter is wanting to do a PT course. We live in regional NSW so whatever course she does would need to be online with prac undertaken at a local gym.
Which are the most recognized courses and which courses are the ones to avoid?

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Kyle Aaron

New member
The online ones are all crap. The in-person ones are mostly crap. The key thing is the person's own experience. Every would-be trainer should have a trainer before becoming one. And they should have gone to a certain level in their own training. Then practice teaching others correct movement, etc.

Really PT should be an apprenticeship - straight out of school, apprentices have no clue, but they learn on the job. It's not structured that way so just do whatever course and then consider your first two years to be an unofficial apprenticeship.


New member
Can highly recommend the AIPT Fasttrack Course, 6-10 hours of practical training per week for 8 weeks followed by online course work that is supposed to take over 100 hours.
Took me a lot less time as I already knew most of the content from my own research. As mentioned it pays to have plenty of your own training knowledge and experience before starting the course. I lost about 25kg in 6 months a few years back and have been weight lifting for a bit over two years now.
As part of the practical aspect of the course we actually were allocated a client to train, so we got the experience of actually being 1 on 1 with someone and tailoring a session around them. I've now been working a two local gyms for a bit over 6 months and it's awesome to have quite a number of clients despite still being a full time student who doesn't focus much time around my personal training.


I'm afraid online training doesn't pull me much. I'm soooo lazy, sadly