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Bodyweight Squat For Reps


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
This challenge is to see how many times you can squat your bodyweight for reps.

-Bodyweight squat means your bodyweight on the bar
-Bar must be a minimum of your bodyweight, always round up. Can't squat 225 for reps if you weigh 226.
-Must not rack bar during whole set
-All squats must be at least to parallel
-Low bar/high bar/front squats/overhead squats are all allowed
-Video required!

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
My guess is he is talking pounds, which suits me fine as my old weight plates are marked in pounds.

Intersting challenge. As I am training for a new PB 1RM tested in three weeks I won't be able to do it at this stage , but might give it a shot the week after I test my new 1RM.


New member
I'm not sure I can count that high. See now, twice your bodyweight would be a more interesting challenge.


Weak Skinny Kunce
Can we switch between styles mid set without racking it? and how long between each rep?


New member
I'm not sure I can count that high. See now, twice your bodyweight would be a more interesting challenge.

lol my total for double bodyweight would be 0.5 reps... the half rep would be comprised of the downward phase only, completed by me sitting on the floor


New member
Fark. I thought I got to BW when I was doing mega reps.

I did 70kg x 100 @80kg BW. Then did the 60kgx161reps.

Actual max reps above BW is only 20 that I know of. 132.5kgx20 at 83kg.

Really want to have a crack at this but I have to rest the hip for a bit longer sorry. I'll mark it on my to do list :)