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Now i dont know about the rest of you but i love my first meal of the day.

Ive been doing the oats and berries for a while now, half scoop of WPC mixed in aswell.

I actually dont really care for sweet things at all, And first thing in the morning it can be a little rough eating a sweet bowl of sludge.

Now twice a week ill switch this meal and make Polenta instead, for anyone who is not familiar with this its Corn meal.

I love this stuff, cooked in water untill thick then adding some natrual yougrt or some parmesan cheese. 3 Scrambled eggs on top and your set like no other.

But i have noticed the Carbs In polenta is really high, and it really bumps my Breakfast cals up for the day leaving me with less for dinner ect.

Now most people i know and read about eat Oats sweet. Anyone have them savoury??

Cooked in low fat milk with a little salt, Bit of parmesan mixed in at the end and a few eggs on top seem the go.

Any other ideas for some Savoury oats?? Ive seen a few asian dishes using oats with seafood and other meats in soup ect.


sorry mods mabey move this to the Recipe section.

On another note.

Im going to be making a Risotto From oats and see how it goes.

Such a verstile base to get bored with it. Especially after ive bought 10kg of of quackers rolled oats from Costco. :)


My grandmother used to make then with milk and little salt when i was a kid so thats were i get my savoury taste from i think.

Actually ive noticed of the back of some Oats packs ther cooking instructions are water and salt.

im thinking some onion and garlic fried in a little coconut oil, oats and skim milk in with some salt, cooked. a little parsesan mixed in, then 2 scrabmleed eggs ontop.

P.s For you sydney People Coles Gladesville had Organic Eggs for $1 a dozen this morning, $6 off the price, Tho they do have to be used in about 3 days. Grab them while there still there.

5 dozen for me :) cheering at $5, actually might gabe a few more for the dog.
At the minute it is; yoghurt and stewed prunes and then steel cut oats, with full cream milk and raisins.

Followed by a glass of super greens.


ive got a bag of steal cut, i usually put these in the rice cooked with brown rice. Might be a good idea to crok pot them over night.


New member
I was eating the Uncle Toby's flavoured satchets (with low fat milk) but they tasted way too good (which meant they had a lot off added sugar) so Im now on the Uncle Tobys Wholemeal Oats which are a lot rougher around the edges.

They tasted pretty bland just with LF milk but I'm now adding just a tablespoon of sultanas and about 3 or 4 rings of dried apple. Tastes great.


New member
Hey mate i put mine in an omellette sometimes. I just whisk my eggs up as usual then add my oats to the mixture and pour it into a pan. Cook the omellette about 70% of the way through then push in on top whatever else you want in it like veggies or meat. Then put it under the grill to finish it off DONT flip it. You can melt some cheese over the top of it at the last second if you like and youre done. Give it a try


New member
I have my oats plain 1/2 cup dry, cooked in water. Sometimes I will put cinnomon on them. I also have 250ml of egg whites with 100g of cottage cheese mixed in, love it.