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Bulk Powders Whey Oat Mass Honeycomb


New member
Found this product by chance on Facebook. I've been looking forward to trying a nutritionally packed mass gainer / meal replacement shake and this popped up with 20% off.

Ordered Thursday, received today (Saturday).

First glance, I noticed a couple of small seeds that must have escaped the blending process, but its reassuring to know the ingredients exists, small enough to be drank unnoticed anyway. Not an issue.

There wasn't much smell at all upon opening the bag so I mixed up a shake to see what I was in for.

Only past experiences with any honeycomb protein is Protein N More's choc honeycomb, and that personally left a lot to be desired.

Bulk Powders Whey Oat Mass Honeycomb tastes amazing. I mixed the recommended serve of 60 grams with 400ml of milk. Not too weak or strong. Just perfect. There's a little bit of course texture due to the oats and seeds and casein, but it's honestly minimal. Nothing more than I was expecting considering it's essentially powdered food.

Minimal sediment at the top and bottom when left for a couple of minutes. A quick swirl and it's mixed again. No clumps at all. No sickly feeling in the stomach afterwards.

Price: with the 20% discount, ended up being $55 delivered for 2.5kg.

Mixability 4.5/5 . Pretty much as good as you could ask for a mass gainer with 'actual' food.

Taste 4/5 straight honeycomb is something different to the rest, and they pulled it off well.

Would purchase again.


New member
If you like nippys honeycomb milk drink you should like this.

I have fine powdered oats and some protein from Bulk Nutrients but I find the shake tastes too 'oaty' and overpowers the flavouring of the protein.

This doesn't. It's good.