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CBL- should I cut the prep phase short?


Extra Large Member
I've just finished day 6 of the prep phase and I've probably lost about 4-5kg so far. I've only done 2 hit sessions and it was mostly interval running
Thing is, I never got any of the shit feeling that it says you're supposed to...I have honestly never felt better, and am mentally on the ball, we've had some killer days at work, 14hr shifts and I'm still going fine.
My diet each day ends usually around P- 220-300g
C- 15-30g
F- 150-170g

Does this mean I'm used to running on ketones and should just start back loading? I'm itching to get under the bar!!!


When you drop carbs, one of the bodies reactions is to create hormones that cause te release of adrenaline, which can sometimes be an explanation for what you are feeling. Or it could be something else.

I would stick with the program exactly as its stated.


Super M0derator
Keep at it mate, follow as is imo.

What has made up the 15-30 carbs you mention? Just veges and sauces?

Or maybe ask on CBL forums for a more educated opinion.


Extra Large Member
Lol yeah, basically lettuce, red onion and a couple cherry tomatoes...the rest is prob minimal stuff from cheese and a bit of tomato sauce...

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
Yep do it as is.

Looking at doing it myself one of these days.

Keep us posted on how it goes.


Extra Large Member
Just read the book a little more on the prep phase, and it says you can shave off a couple days if you have thrown in a couple HIT sessions...


Well-known member
Ketosis and full gylogen depletion can occur in a lot less time than 10 days. I personally think he just picked that number just to make sure 100% that people are. And yep, any exercise in that low carb period will deplete the glycogen stores a bit quicker.


Standard kunce
Great stuff so far d1cko, but i would atick with it for the full duration, and as an added bonus you are feeling great.