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Choc-Mint Protein released.


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Hi Everyone,

This is just a brief announcement, letting you all know that our long awaited Choc-Mint WPI has been released after 4-5 weeks of testing.

We're looking for a few AusBB members to review our Choc-Mint flavour. We've had a few of our customers get back to us with positive feedback about the product, but would also love to hear from you.

Samples are limited, so they'll be given out on a first in first served basis to those who show a genuine willingness to write a review.

Simply email admin@nobullsupplements.com.au with your expression of interest!

Have a top weekend folks.
Just shot an email across as well. I've never tried any choc-mint flavoured proteins before but I've only heard good things.
Mine arrived in the mail today. Thanks NB.

I'll have to wait till next week to use it post workout, but I'll put up my thoughts straight away.
i have only just seen this now, is it too late to get a sample?
any chane of a choc honeycomb flavour please? suggested it to bulknutrients, i think they might be working on it. best flavour i have tasted from the old MAX's XTG protein, but they discontinued it afew years ago
Seriously awesome product in everyway. Should’ve been called Connoisseur Choc-Mint! Thank you Van.

oomg Choc Honeycomb and Choc Mint, Im gonna have to try these samples. will log onto the site and shoot an email accross.
I got mine today.

I really liked it, mixed very well in water with dextrose. Didn't foam up or anything like that.

Smell was nice, nothing too strong though.

Taste was good too, not too over powering, sweet or powdery.