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Controlled Lab Supps


New member
I'm looking at stacking these items from Controlled Labs

White Flood - Nitric Oxide?
Purple Wraath - BCA's?
Green Magnitude - Creatine?

I can get all three for around $200 delivered. Has anyone tried them?

Would it be cheaper purchasing the seperate ingredients say from bulknutrients and making my own? Does anyone do this? If so what do you mix ? Cheers


New member
Definately save your cash and get some creatine mono (creapure?) and BCAA's locally. Should be able to get a kg of each for well under 100.

Nitric Oxide supps haven't been proven to be beneficial as far as actually building muscle and size as far as I know. If you need some get up and go before your workout have some coffee or green tea or just buy some caffiene cheap.


New member
make your own preworkout. AAKG, Beta alanine, creatine, natural stim (coffee, etc). Then you can does correctly and not have this propietry blend shit. My two cents