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Cystic Fibrosis and Supplements


New member
ok Guys,

so i have Cystic Fibrosis and am currently doing the Begineer Program.
Due to cf i lack in appetite, so at the momemnt to asist me in gains i am taking Maxs Super Size protien with full Cream Milk 2-3 times a day.

With this i am adding in Glutamine and BCAAs.

So far so good.

My question to you is how safe is creatine (now i know what your thinking, another idiot)

But the reason i ask is that due to the large amounts of antibiotics that i have endured over the past 27 years, my Liver and Kidneys are not what they used to be.

So about 3 years ago i took creatine for about 2 months and when i had my blood levels it showed that my creatinine levels where quite high. I stopped taking it and they went back to within the normal levels.

I am interested to know that if anyone from here has any ideas on whether or not it would be safe to do a month on, month off or is it best to leave it alone and do things the good ol natural way.

If you think its safe, how much would you recommend to take and how many times a day

Cheers Guys/Girls


You dont HAVE to take creatine bud, and if you or your doctor are unsure of its affects on YOU, I doubt any of us can give you the right answer. If you have kidney troubles, I'd probably steer clear. Kidneys or any other organs dont grow on trees.
Just my 2c.


New member
Hey mate - I think you should chat to the doc about this, but my opinion based on what I've experienced personally (and read about) is as follows:


If you have kidney and liver issues - I would be very hesitant to take glutamine. I think you will find that you will not make full use of the glutamine that you are supplementing because a damaged liver cannot properly process it. I have also read that glutamine supplementation has led to raised liver enzymes in some people (note: My enzymes were raised last year when heavily supplementing glutamine to assist with a flare up. I've dropped it for some time. When I have my next blood test in a couple of weeks, I will hopefully see a bit of a drop.)


Firstly, if you pick the right protein powder, you don't need to supplement these in my opinion. Heck, I take pea protein powder (for its high digestibility and very low cost) and it has good levels of BCAAs. Check out the stats on any of the proteins by bulknutrients.com (I haven't tried its competitors, but ours has the info on the side).

Secondly, I found that my appetite decreased when I supplemented BCAAs. For example, if I was hungry before gym, I would mix up my purple wraath and, along with a nice tingle in the extremities, my appetite would disappear. Martin Berkhan (see leangainz.com) has mentioned this effect too, from memory. See how you go.


Honestly, mate I wouldn't bother with the creatine. There are certain people on this forum who willy-nilly recommend people take creatine saying there is no need to cycle blah blah blah, but if you aren't looking for that extra 2% improvement on stage I wouldn't bother. I do not see how the potential health risks outweigh the slight benefits which you could obtain just by training harder, resting better and eating better (or drinking in your case hehe).


Do some research, but if you eat sufficient amounts of meat (when your appetite is up) you should go some way to ticking the boxes of all 3 naturally.
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New member
Thanks guys, and tbh that’s pretty much all I needed to help me decide what I should be doing.
That’s mainly the reason why I have the Maxs Super Size, as it does not contain Creatine.
Im sure my brother will be interested in my left over Glutamine and BCAAs J



Well-known member
have you seen this guy?? he has cystic fibrosis & an elite athlete. legend

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