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Hi all,

First post.
I've over indulged (putting it lightly! ) over a couple of years and got up to 100kg. I'm just under 5 foot 9 but i held the weight well.
I started training to the extreme 5 months ago and cut the sugar, reduced my calories so I'm in a caloric deficit. I need to be clear, i don't count my calories but i do train 4 days a week and I'm down to 88kg.

The reason for this post is that my progress has stagnated,which i expect, I'm training around 2 hours a day, weights in the morning and long walks in the evening. My stomach fat is at a stage where i can see 4 abs. I'm working hard at the gym and I'm controlling my diet i.e. high protein, low carbs, low sugar and plenty of water. I was reading up on DNP ie what dosage, how your food converts to hear and what to expect.
I was going to try 200mg for a period of 14 days. I don't think I'll increase the dosage, has anyone here used it? What are realistic results? Would you recommend any food or suppliments to go with it? Is my dosage too much, too little?
Any information would be appreciated.


Well-known member
Don't, just don't.

Extreme fatigue.

Huge bounce back after.

You may die.

You may instead take a look at resetting your metabolism. If you have been in a deficit for a long time then you should maybe take a couple of weeks to eat clean but 50% more calories. That will reset your leptin levels and get things going again. Its sort of half a step back, 4 steps forward.

If you are not a professional bodybuilder, then you should never touch the stuff.


BigRed Kunce
Certainly a few stories floating round of people having died from it. I was considering using it but decided not to.

If i was entering a body 4 life 12 week challenge for real moniez then i would consider using it again.