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STANDING a modest 163cm tall, model Melanie tips the scales at 70kg. Her body mass index makes her borderline overweight but she is the average Australian woman.
Yet when photos of her were shown to members of the public, most thought she was fat.

The typical Australian woman now weighs 70.1kg, up from 67kg in 1995, while men are heavier too - 85.2kg compared with 82kg. And this upward trend in size and weight does not augur well for our future health.

"One and a half million Australians are overweight so we're getting heavier," Kristen Hazelwood, head of education and prevention at the Australian Diabetes Council, said.

"Being overweight contributes to two major health issues - heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Obesity is also linked to cancer, depression and kidney disease."
Hazelwood warned our children may be the first generation who don't outlive their parents but the nation still doesn't get how grave the situation is. "It's not the pear shape that's the problem, it's the apple shape," she said. Carrying extra weight around the abdomen, as Melanie does, is a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

Melanie, who is a paid model, knew her image would be used in a weight debate. A diet high in junk food and a sedentary lifestyle are usually to blame for weight gain. But Hazelwood said there was another factor at play: we're unhappy. "We've forgotten how to enjoy life," she said. "We tend to work too hard and we don't make time to get out in the fresh air. We're eating in front of the TV and because of our stress levels we tend to go for comfort foods."


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
nah i don;t think she is fat , a bit of extra padding but nothing to worry about
I'd have to say that for her height she is fat for sure, especially from the waist down
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Overweight but not fat...

She would look pretty dam good with just a little weight loss...

Nothing wrong with her now though...


Anonymous User
This all depends on your own opinion of what fat is. She is carrying a bit too much. 60kg would be a much better weight for her.


Yeah, she fat. l think bf % has a lot to do with it as well, she doesn't look like she does any physical things too often / at all.

white lion

New member
not too fat , but like little hammer says , she looks unhealthy and out shape , it is scary that we are getting fatter as a nation , as the average weight goes up people feel ok about being unhealthy " its ok I am average " being average dont mean your healthy anymore


To me she looks like she needs to take action now before she needs to do alot more work to get back into a healthy weight range.
She looks like she can still shop off the rack but for how much longer.


Funny that the article says she's "borderline overweight," because that's what I was going to say. I wouldn't say she's fat...but I wouldn't say she isn't, either.