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Standard kunce
Hey guys,

So ive started doing a bit of cycling and recently been doing anywhere from 50-100k rides.

I make sure i am well hydrated before i leave and take water with me, however, as the weather is warming up and the rides are getting longer i was thinking of using either electrolytes or BCAAs in my water bottles for these longer rides.

Which would you recommend or which would work better for both holding onto muscle and burning it all away but also staying hydrated?


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Something like Xtend will also contain electrolytes. I don't see why you can't/wouldn't have both
Most over the counter stuff is pretty high in sugar, if you're keen to hold onto muscle I don't think it's going to make too much difference the body is going to adapt to the different type of work.

if extra body fat is not going to be an issue, then Gatorade and a spoonful of protien powder would be a nice option, if you can stomach it.

in my salad daze when riding I squeezed a couple of lemons into my water, you could have 3 bottles

one with plain, one electrolyte mix and plain lemon, and see how you go.
when you're on the road and hot and working real hard the lemon mix feels real satisfying


Standard kunce
Yeah cheers i know gatorade etc does contain a bit of sugar but would this make much of a difference if im riding say 80-100, wouldnt i be burning this off pretty quick?

I was also thinking more the electrolyte stuff from BN which has slightly less sugar the gatorade, 26g per serve


Active member
From what I understand Gatorade etc doesn't contain enough sodium. The sugar content on a long ride wouldnt bother me but continually hydrating while depleting sodium stores is not a good thing.

The BCAA from BN contains more sodium which is what I would be looking at primarily. Without thinking too hard I would probably be mixing the BCAA with gatorade etc then diluting with water depending on fluid volume required to hydrate properly without overdoing the sugar, which is arbitrary based on individual requirements for energy input vs. output.
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From what I understand Gatorade etc doesn't contain enough sodium. The sugar content on a long ride is inconsequential.

I cant remember about the sodium but I do know the sugar is too high for optimal rehydration it's around double the optimal amount. They are made for taste first, hydration second. If you buy the proper rehydration stuff from the chemist it tastes pretty bad.

In any case I don't think it matters. Eat a few more calories for the day you ride and drink more. The rest isn't going to matter.

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
What about future Whey from BN?? Highly diluted obviously.

Or Staminade or similar?? Or both in a diluted mix of water.

There is special stuff Triathletes/Ironmen use, can't remember what it is called, a good mate of mine competes in Ironman Events so I can find out what he uses if you are interested, he buys it on line, he's been doing it for years, he is a machine, rides 100km before work every day then runs 10km after work, swims on week ends, he has a sickness.

He explained to me one time that you need to add something on these long events as just drinking water will deplete your body of essential nutrients and electrolytes that will stop your nerves/muscles firing and you will just cramp up, I have no idea personally as I have never done any endurance stuff, the longest I have ever done is a 10km run.
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I have been a big fan of xtend. For me i find it help me get through a workout or run especially if i haven't been drinking enough water throughout the day. Plus it tastes really good.