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Friday 7 March 2014: STR-CIRCUIT


Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.

  • A set of Pull-ups or Chin-ups
    (e.g. Wide, Regular, Narrow, Mixed Grip, Towel, Rope, etc.)
  • A set of Squat Jumps
    (e.g. Box Jumps, Hurdle Jumps, Star Jumps, Power Skipping, etc.)
  • A set of Push-ups
    (e.g. Regular, Wide, Narrow, Hindu, Divebomber, Elevated, Handstand, Dips, etc.)
  • A set of Squats (non-jumping)
    (e.g. Full, Medium, or Short Range of Motion; Sumo; Hindu; etc.)
Keep the reps well below max in each set.

  • Pull-ups
  • Squat Jumps
  • Push-ups
  • Bodyweight Squats

  • Partial, Assisted, or Jumping Pull-ups
  • Half-Squat Jumps
  • Push-ups
  • Bodyweight Squats

  • Body Rows
  • Walking Lunges
  • Knee Push-ups
  • Half-Squats



New member
Acupuncture is an old method has proven successful to stop sweating excessively because it harmonises the body's energies and soothes the hypothalamus, which reduces perspiration. In addition, use breathable clothing, no sweat spray, and lightweight fabrics all year round to prevent sweating.