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Good eating for bulking working odd hours



I've recently starting working out and I'm working on improving my diet vastly.
With my job I work most days and my shifts start mainly at 11am and finish at 9pm which means most of the time I miss out on a decent lunch and dinner. I try and eat healthy meals when I can but most of the time I hate to admit it's pretty much junk. I'll have microwavable meals like Healthy Choice meals such as pasta, thai green chicken curry's but their only small servings. Within 10 minutes of finishing it I'm eating junk again. I NEED ADVICE!!


Anonymous User
You don't need help. Just remember that it is total days intake of food that matters not when you eat. So find a eating regiment that works for you. You know yourself best.

Have a look into intermittent fasting to see if it will suit your schedule. And do Rambos sugestion it makes things easier.


Standard kunce
Spend some time preparing your meals and keep them in containers so at work you just nuke in them microwave and away you go, timing of eating isn't as important as meeting you daily macros.


do I even lift?
I find it easier to eat well on shit hours, you can control more. You can prepare all your meals, you don't have access to rubbish foods at work, you have plenty of time to cook a decent breakfast.


Fat Member
I work weird hours. Prepare all meals and snacks mate. My easiest meals are 1kg of fish or chicken, add jar of Indian butter chicken or whatever else they have, cook up big dirty pot of rice and you have lunch for 3 days. I am quite often eating this stuff for lunch at 8 in the morning. Better than a pie and Coke like many people.


New member
I do what grippy does. Normally roast a chicken night before and take it into work where I have,a bunch of sauces in the fridge like indian or pasta and just tear them into shreds, mix and nuke them. A bag of spinich and almonds round it off.


do I even lift?
another idea that suits me;

1kg chicken (browned in large saucepan)

throw in

sweet potato
2 cups rice
whatever the hell you want..

add enough water to be absorbed by the ingredients, simmer till cooked.

I get about 5 big meals from this. Yummo
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I have to agree with everyone else - Heathy Choice meals might as well be labelled 'Lazy Choice'.

Spend a weekend afternoon knocking up any of the following instead (preferably 2). I know they are all high carb meals, but you need variety to go with the great suggestions above (or you'll cheat and eat shit) and personally, I'm a fan of carbs when training. Plus homemade's are missing a vital ingredient of packaged food of course - SUGAR!:

* tagliattelle bolognese (great recipes on the Net - type in 'best ever easy bolognese')
* spaghetti carbonara (same as above - very quick) try this one : http://allrecipes.com.au/recipe/8311/my-fettuccine-carbonara.aspx (and add a teaspoon of Vegeta spice to the mix with the eggs - restaurant quality).
* stir fried rice (best if you have a wok and gas burners - takes no time at all - recipes all over the Net)
* meatballs and pasta/rice (same - great recipes around for tasty ones)
* homemade curries - a little more difficult, but only if you don't have a food processor. Otherwise, cheat a little and use some of the better pre-made Patek's blends with chicken or beef.

Make enough for 4 people in each batch. Freeze the lot: meals for a week or more.
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New member
Mate, I work...
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM / 3:30 PM - 1:30 AM / 5:00 PM - 3:00 AM

They absolute key as so many have mentioned is spend an hour or two cooking up your meals. It sounds like a lot of effort, but after you are a few weeks in it will become habit and you will laugh at every one around you buying pies, kfc, whatever is available because they were too lazy to prepare or simply don't care.

Good luck, first few weeks it's a pain.