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Hey guys just curious if you have tried MTS whey in particular the red velvet flavour?



YOLO Kunce
is red velvet the fancy pancy way of saying unstrained placenta and colostrum milkshake?? wtf is it :confused:


Well-known member
Red velvet is a confusing protein flavour. Red velvet cakes are just regular vanilla cakes, but with beetroot extract to make them red. So really it's just red coloured vanilla flavour.

Regarding MTS whey, yeah it's a great protein. Flavours are strong, nice thick consistency and no digestive issues. It's just a little pricey at the moment with the Aus dollar dropping in value. You used to get a 5lb tub for $90, now they're $110.


Pricey and surprisingly low protein content per 100g, might as well eat a candy bar with all the flavouring in a serve of MTS!


New member
a bit pricey but tbh one of the best tasting protein i have used. I've noticed better recovery as well may be due to the higher protein concentrate as opposed to isolates. apparently concentrate are slowing absorbing so getting a more sustained release of amino acids