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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Do you find that working out is a good distraction, or do you start to lose motivation?


Packing a Huge Member
Working out is an effort, the better you feel and the better/bigger the motivator (like a holiday or a chick or a holiday AND a chick or multiple chicks ON a holiday) the harder you train.
Shit times = shit training
Only Rocky successfully takes his anger out at the gym.


Hooded Kunce
It really depends on the overall mindset, sometimes it feels good to lose yourself during a session. Other times you can't keep your mind off of outside issues, and sessions turn to shit. Really depends what the problems are I think


YOLO Kunce
Yeah fuk being distracted by outside issues when I am training, It ruins my mojo. I much prefer to be 'in the zone', balls to the wall. Whether that's from the DMAA, AMP, phenylpiracetam, or 300+ caffeine I'm not sure but I make damn well sure I get 'in the zone' when I train, errytime.