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New member
I'm gonna move from my bro split of chest/arms/legs/back to what I think is the smarter split of push/pull/legs. This is what I've come up with lemme know where to change.

1: dumbbell press 4x8
2: incline bench 3x8
3: flies 4x8
4a: shoulder press 4x8
4b: lateral raises 4x6
5: tricep rope pushdown 4x10
6: Dips 4x10

1: deadlift 3x5
2: lat pulldowns 3x8
3: seated rows 4x8
4: face pull 2x10
5: cable curls 4x10
6: barbell curls 3x6

1: back squat 4x6
2: leg press 4x10
3: leg extension 3x8
4: leg curls 3x8
5: calf raises 4x6
6a: sit ups 3x10
6b: Russian twist 3x10