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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
How long were you into lifting when you were able to bench your bodyweight?


Captain Kunce
About 9 months haha.
Weight kept moving! (And i didnt know anything). 80kg.
Then same as shrek...80-100. Fooking forever. Then it jumped to 112.5 pretty quick. Then forever to 120. Then 120 to 127.5 i think a year hahaha. Then i swithced to PA/IPF flat foot benching and it took another 9 months to get to 130x2 (today).



Well-known member
how long did it take me to overhead press my bodyweight, 2 years.

bench press, a few months once I started training. Could only bench 55kg at 70kg bw when 17.
First go... and that was 100kg... when i was about 25.. struggling more now at 38, not quite making bodyweight (bw 115, bench 100x4) having just gotten back into it.


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
When I 1st started training I hated bench press - I did alot of 5x5 back in the day but still neglected bench press - so it honestly prob took me 6,7 years to bench my bodyweight - but from there added on alot of kg's fast - now it is one of my fav lifts.

One of my close friends has always been a total freak in the gym and was benching around 140-160kgs at 17-18yrs old weighing about 90-100kgs....just insane....