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Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Usually only use db on inclines. Don't like going heavy with db's on flat or decline, can't get back up with them and don't like dropping them on the floor like a douche


Well-known member
I always start with bb bench press so I can go as heavy as I can for the rep range. I'll finish with db bench press with a lesser weight and rep out to failure.


Super M0derator
Yes definitely, i need db bench for my stability / imbalance issues
at the moment im doing both bb flat & bb incline, plus db incline and db flat palms facing


Packing a Huge Member
Bar maily, only do DBs for flys cos by the time I swing the heavy mudafukas into a press position I'm already half fucked.


Standard kunce
very rarely do both in the same workout, but I do alternate between bar and DBs for different workouts. if I do both in the same workout, one will be flat the other would be incline


YOLO Kunce
BB Bench as my main, DB/Hex press afterwards to address instability. Which is highly appropriate right now since I have 15% loss of strength on my RHS due to a bulged bloody disc.


Punxsutawney resident
I predominantly rely on BB and DB pressing movements for chest as well as some low rep high weight DB flyes, but in the past couple of weeks have been doing some seated machine flyes and standing cable flyes. They provide a ;pump I just don't seem to get with press variations. Have many of you had success building mass with these exercises?


YOLO Kunce
Standing cable flyes gives me mega pump. Concentric movement initiated by activating the pecs and then fully stretch them out like you're doing a doorway stretch in the eccentric. I reckon it's a superior exercise to DB flyes due to its almost linear resistance!


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Also rate the cable flyes for a good pump. High or middle pulley position, the low one does nothing for me. Quite like seated machine presses for pump work as well but it has to have a neutral grip.

I can also get a better pump with fat gripz/thicker bar presses than a normal bb for some reason. May be the suicide type grip?

Not sure what builds the mass really, but I usually have a lot of variety and volume.
...but does a pump translate into growth?

I think "a good pump" as with DOMS and the degree of pump indicates the quality of the exercise in relation to the resistance and the force that is supplied throughout the movement.

It's why cable work is more efficient than Barbell and dumb-bell work.

But, at the end of the day pump is not an indicator of growth, as the muscle is just full of fluid, it has no where to go.
been doing it with variations as assistance for bench for years
Viv, an observation if I may and this in no way is targeting you in particular but a general statement regarding the use of the word "assistance" which is often used around the place.

The exercise being referred to here, the dumbell bench press is an exercise in it's own right, so what exactly then is it "assisting"?
Frankly, the term itself is misleading and I'd go as far as to say that it's bullshit in this context.