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Joe's 2013 "transformation"


New member
Why not, let's enter this... Plan for 2013 is to get stronger overall (this will take care of any muscle development I want) and shed fat later. So........

Lifts (current/goal)
Bench: 120 / 140
Military Press: 80 / 100
Weighted Chin ups (total): 165 / 180
Incline bench (10rm): 72.5 / 100
Bicep curl: 60 / 70
1 arm row (10rm) 28.75 / 50
Squat: 100 / 200

Current weight: 110kg
Height: 194cm
Body fat%: I'd say around 25%-30%
Waist: 38 inches, Arms: 16 inches (tensed)
Age: 32
Goal: 95kg, 15% bfat + above lifts would be nice.

Pictures 2nd Jan 2013.:







Here's me 8 months earlier, end of April 2012 (skinny but weak). I made a lot of progress in strength this year however I have put on a lot of weight. I was benching around 60kg for a 1rm at this point. Still, I probably looked better lol:
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLPuCAItX90]Me in April - YouTube[/ame]

I might just end up trying to go for a 600kg total this year and end up a huge fat bastard which in my disturbed mind will be progress. I WILL however at some point shave my back.
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In b4 "get a wax".

95 is an absolutely achievable goal, the accountability of this thread will also help. Will keep an eye out!


New member
Thanks mate, the challenge for me is how to gain muscle and strength without getting fat.

And finding a workout that works for me.

The first is probably pretty straightforward - accurate calorie counting, and not doing too much of a calorie deficit. The second..... experimentation + I'm thinking of trying to get a strength coach.

I'm trying PPP at the moment which is working OK, this year I will probably also try Sheiko and a smolov routine for bench. I am hoping to compete in powerlifting if I can get my strength up to a decent level. I've also heard people rave about Lyle McDonald's routines.

Oh, and if I wax I end up covered in fucking acne. Hair removal suggestions are welcome though lol... At least maybe if Fluffy sees this thread he won't be afraid of putting up his own pics (I think he referred to himself as a wog once).
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Hair removal suggestions are welcome though lol... At least maybe if Fluffy sees this thread he won't be afraid of putting up his own pics (I think he referred to himself as a wog once).
Veet Hair Removal Cream ;) Safe on ALL skin surfaces :D

Fluffy...? post pics...?
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New member
Took some photos today to see progress. Scales are showing 4-5kg loss. Not astounding but my motivation isn't 1000%




Couldn't be bothered doing all camera angles, these are enough. I might diet for another 5kg. I hate dieting.
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New member
I took a bunch of photos, deleted them out of embarrassment so only 1 remains for comparison but it's decent.

So here's 2013 weight loss, unfortunately very very little muscle gain aside from my back which I've made about 10% stronger. Injuries really held me back this year - but I've at least learnt how to not get them now (I think).

My biggest lessons this year were (note: I made all these as mistakes and it's the reason my progress hasn't been great)
(1) Lean bulk, do not eat like a pig
(2) If an exercise hurts, stop
(3) Will only spin your wheels gaining muscle on maintenance calories or a calorie deficit
(4) Fat is probably as important as protein in a diet
(5) Gotta lose weight gradually to maintain strength, which takes AGES, so dont eat like a pig!
(6) Keep lifting heavy during a calorie deficit, and dont make the calorie deficit too large

I'm really in need of a good bodybuilding routine, 2014 will be MAX-OT which looks pretty good to me.

Here's where I sit at the start of 2014:


New member
Thanks guys, didn't do a whole lot but at least I have a thin(ish) base and good idea where to start from in 2014.