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lol @ Mehdi not being bigger because he doesn't take steroids


New member
Email from Mehdi:

A couple of days ago I uploaded a video on the StrongLifts
youtube channel, of myself doing Squats with 308lb for 5x5, and
as usual there were some guys wondering why I’m not bigger
because I’m lifting so much weight.

One guy gave a perfect answer in the comments, here’s what he

“Why on earth do people assume that because you have lifted
weights for a while that you must be huge? too many people
reading and looking at steroid cheat comics and videos..keep
keeping it real medhi,and let the steroid cheats and they're
idiotic believers away from real and honest men like us.”

That’s right. Many guys have been so brainwashed by muscle
magazines that they don’t even know what kind of physique, or
even strength, they can achieve NATURALLY.

Because the truth is that almost all the strength and muscle
building “experts” out there (on cover of muscle magazines,
websites, youtube, you name it)... they’re either using steroids,
have used them in the past, or they’re simply genetic freaks.

The problem is, unless you’re ALSO a genetic freak, or using
steroids, there’s little chance that following their advice
will EVER give you the same strength and muscle gains they have.

Why? Because you’re playing the game by totally different

In fact, the *only* results you’ll get is a lot of frustration,
and a lot of disappointment, from training like a maniac in the
gym and being anal about your diet, without ever getting the same
strength and muscle gains that they have, because again, you’re
playing by different rules...

...while they, put bluntly, are cheating.

I’m serious, they don’t know what it is to have to work hard
to get results. They do not know what it is to struggle. Many of
them Benched 100kg their first workout and were ripped before
they even started. Frankly, it doesn’t it even matter what they
do, everything works.

And that’s why, once again, the only results you’ll ever get
from listening to these steroid-using, genetic-freaks, “experts”
CHEATERS is frustration and disappointment.

I’m dead-serious.

Look, if you’re anything like me, you have average to lousy
genetics, and aren’t using steroids (nor do you want to use them).

So why the heck would you listen to those steroid-drenched jerks
and genetic freaks???

You HAVE to follow the advice of guys like you.

I’m talking about regular guys. With average or even lousy
genetics. Who weren’t born to be big and strong. Guys who arenrt
professionals but who have a full-time job, maybe even a second
job. Who have a family and perhaps kids. And who thus don’t have
the time (nor the willingness) to spend their whole life in the
gym... but who STILL succeed at achieving the kind of body and
strength they’ve always wanted, once and for all.

Maybe you’re thinking: “But Mehdi, where the heck do I find
those guys?!?”

Great question!

Inside the StrongLifts Inner Circle Community of course.

Did you see me coming? :)

Well I’m not kidding. Inside our Member-only community we have
tons of StrongLifts Inner Circle Members who have gained strength
and muscle while burning fat, without ever using drugs or
steroids... and regardless of their average to lousy genetics.

They’re all REGULAR guys, from all sorts of backgrounds, ages
and body types, who have little in common except that they were
NOT born to be big and strong, rarely have any kind of athletic
background, but succeeded at gaining strength and muscle while
burning fat anyway.

And when you become a Member of our online StrongLifts Inner
Circle Community, you’ll be able ask all of them for PROVEN
advice and feedback.

You’ll be able to ask GUYS WHO ARE JUST LIKE YOU for advice and

I’m talking about guys who train NATURALLY, who are anything
but genetics freaks, and who aren’t professional athletes.

Regular guys.

And the good news is - we're accepting new Members to the
StrongLifts Inner Circle community on Tuesday April 30th 2013 at
6am eastern time. To get a priority invitation when the doors
open, just click on the link below to join the early bird list.

Doors Closed! Next Opening: Tuesday April 30th 2013 At 6am Eastern Time | StrongLifts Inner Circle

And I’ll talk to you later


Registered Rustler
"I’m serious, they don’t know what it is to have to work hard to get results. They do not know what it is to struggle."

>does 5 sets then leaves the gym


New member
I only posted this email because I couldn't believe my eyes. I have only just started working out and was trying to get as much help as possible. I am pretty sure that they still charge to join the forum, I was actually on the waiting list to become a member? At first I didn't realise it was going to cost anything, but I'm pretty confident it does. I am very noob and only just got my setup which can be found here.

After reading and asking questions over the last month or so (Deciding on equipment and waiting for some of my gym to come in stock) I have decided to do rippetoes because the book is fantastic for starting out like me. The program also sounded less thrown together than SL which is what I was originally told to try by a friend. StrongLifts is hard to take seriously with somebody like Mehdi as the leader. His attitude, prerogative, emotive and childish personality is what caused me to even "have an opinion" about him; I'm not even a weight lifter's asshole yet, but I am not foolish enough to believe everything that somebody says. It just makes somebody new like me to really wonder why he would bother posting an email like this to begin with.....