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Fucked up Kunce
Seen a good or bad movie post your review here.
Rating from 1-5 starts. 5 being the highest.
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Just got back from seeing Avatar in 3D.
Absolutely incredible movie and enhanced further in 3D.
The effects were brilliant and the storyline was easy to follow.
Please, if you do watch this movie make sure it is in 3D. You pay $1 for the glasses but it's well worth it.
I rate in 4.5 stars.

YouTube - Avatar Movie Trailer [HD]
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Ghost Busters 4
Awesome movie but had a couple of freaky parts that gave me nightmares as a child.

Ghost Busters Two 4
Same as GB1.

Fletch 4
Funny movie Chevy Chase is a massively underrated as a comedian.
avatar (4.5/5) - great movie if you go into it with no pre-hype or high expectations. Let yourself imerse into the movie. As said 3D is a MUST. Pay the extra to see it.

Paranormal Activity (4/5) - Slow on the build up but the ending sent chills up the spine. For best effect watch this at home on with the lights all out in the room. I did this with the missus and took awhile to sleep afterwards. :eek:. I wouldn't watch this on the big screen.

2012 (3.5/5) - If you just want to watch stuff blow up and how far CGI has come nowadays this is the movie to watch. Some of the scenes with whole cities drifting into the ocean is crazy. Acting was b-grade at the best.
I watched Matrix Reloaded a few weeks ago. Hadn't seen it before even though I really liked the matrix when it came out.
Reloaded ust be one of the best movies I've ever seen. Fantastic fight scenes and action. I have to sit down and watch all 3 now.

Speaking of fight scenes, I borrowed a mates boxed set of Rocky movies. How retro are they..?.? Original was best, but Mr T's ones was ok also. "Eye of the tiger". My phone has rocky ringtone now LOL

Surprisingly, my wife picked the Tyson doco to watch, and surprisingly it was quite watchable. It was Mike talking about himself, with lots of footage.
just got back from watching Avatar in 3d all i can say is WOW!! what a damn awesome movie that was , scenary was great what with the glow in the dark plants , action scenes were full on and the story line was top knotch

the 3d could've done with some tweaking in different parts but all up the movie was damn good
Movies I saw on the plane home last Xmas.
Inglorious Basterds. = not bad.Very Tarantino to start with but gets a kind of a "movie" feel later (if you follow me!)

Hurt Locker = pretty good.Not a war film as such but more about the guys in it.
Guy Pierce fans will be let down - you don`t see much of him at all!

Surrogates = Bruce Willis movie.Kind of like I Robot.Not bad and it`s Bruce!What else can I say.

50 Walking Dead Men = IRA movie.Typical Brit flick.Not many big names, no confetti and marching bands but a great storyline and great performances.

Public Enemies = "The Feds try to take down notorious American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s." (IMDB).
That pretty much sums it up.Good film but Christian Bale is not up there with my favourite actors.

More if/when I remember what I watched.
Avatar, 1/5
Cliched story with enormous plot holes. Cliched characters. Racist in that a white Westerner male was a better Na'avi than any of the Na'avi could ever be. Film couldn't decide if it wanted to be a cartoon or a regular movie.