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Need breakfast ideas

Alpha Moth

New member
that don't involve milk or oats. Stomach can't digest them and I fart and have gas all day lol.

Would bacon be a bad idea? Anything that is on the cheap side, fast to make and tasty.



Boiled eggs are a winner, you can cook in advance and keep in the fridge.
I have Burgen wholemeal and Seeds Bread, it has good macros.
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New member
Banyo's - Army style. 1 egg + 1 small piece of bacon (with rhind left on) slapped between a hamburger bun with no sauce wrapped in alfoil. Find sauce ASAP.


New member
Its a shame you cant eat oats mate, really is the staple breakfast and has a nice slow release of energy and a good amount of carbs to get your blood sugars sorted first up in the morning when you wake up. Try to get some carbs with your breakfast though if you can, something slow release, as suggested chicken, brown rice and broccoli. Thats pretty much what i have for dinner most nights actually