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Hi [ausbbyou] Thanks for joining the Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding Community. Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding is a community
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Thanks for the intro to the site. I'm looking forward to using it. My photo appears in my profile but I got a message saying I had been unsuccessful in loading it. Can you check if my pic appears against pump&swim? Thanks!



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Hi, new to this site. Am looking for a transformation challenge...anyone know of any? The one I wanted to enter has already begun :(

big aus dog

big aux dog saying hi all

hi all just thort say hi try get to know a few people with the same passion as myself GET LARGE


Introducing myself

Hi guys, I tried the link where is says introduce yourself but it does not work, kept getting a server 404 error.

Anyway, I am 42yo male from WA who decided to get off his backside and do some training, I tried to playing social AFL for a season but found the club a tad clicky for my liking, anyway I would have preferred playing league anyway (since I am from NSW originally with sometime spent in QLD).

Started weight training 6 weeks ago and slowly but surely becoming addicted to it. I did try doing it previously but gave up too easily due to aches and pains, (and thought I was too old for it) but then discovered supplements that made recovery a lot quicker lol.

Yes I was a sceptic and thought supplements did not work, but to my surprise, the did (even the foul tasting creatine). Currently I am on the Gold Standard WPI which is easy to drink.

My immediate goals are:

1. Strength training (compound exercise) plus pull ups
2. Learning to each healthily and cut down on sugary foods
3. Winning Lotto

If there is one thing about our great country of ours it’s the great incentives to stay healthy and fit, because the alternatives are not flash. Apart from the high cost of drugs, you have better luck in finding sasquatch and Santa cluse having lunch at the north pole then you would finding a doctor.
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Hey guys, I also tried to click the link but kept getting the same error as Chrisbuild88.

Im 20 Y.o from Sydney have been training for a year pretty casually at CRUNCH fitness, which was a commercial gym. I saw some gains and got into the whole thing, counted calories for a while, tried protein powders, ate at caloric surplus/ deficit, macro splits and I saw some good results. Unfortunately, I am still at uni and starting to trasnsition into full time work, this got in the way of my lifting and I lost a lot of gains.

I still have a some muscle and 80% of my strength from hen i was working out 5 times a week. However, I am not happy with my current body shape/ image due to increased body fat %- I estimate at around 18% and also I feel liek my lifts could be alot better. Current 1rm: BencH: 80 kg, Squat: 100 kg: Dead lift: 130kg.

I made a decision to quit Crunch fitness due to what I felt was not an efficient way of working out i.e. travelling, crowded, gym stigmas and decided to build my own home gym. I am currently using an olympic barbell and some squat stands but saving some money to buy a power rack and deck out m garage and start to get really serious.

I joined the forums to get an idea of what everyone else is doing and also to see if there were any threads about power racks, especialy with people in my situation.

Other things about me: I study civil engineering, I like to play poker, I like to motorcycle (CBR250R) currently :p waiting out those green Ps.

Strength Goals: i want all my big 3 to be in triple digits, with squat and deadlift 150+

Sorry about no pictures, not comfortable enought with my body atm to post any.