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Bulk Nutrients

Site Advertiser

Hi there,

This month we’re rewarding customers who spend over $250 with a free bottle of ZMA Complex Capsules. If you’ve been saving up for a big order you can look forward to keeping an extra $30 in your back pocket!

ZMA Complex Capsules contain three compounds that are often lacking in most diets - Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. Our ZMA Complex Capsules may help you as a recovery aid, and users often report benefits of a deeper sleep.

You can check out some customer reviews of ZMA Complex Capules here.


2015 has been a fantastic year at Bulk Nutrients and we've supported almost 100 events and competitions spread through every state and territory. We hope we caught you at one of those events as it's a great way to pick up some free samples*, try something new, and have a chat to our great ambassadors and staff.

This year we have supported events in the following disciplines: Body Building, Fitness Modelling, CrossFit, Strongman, Powerlifting, MMA, Hockey, Basketball, Rugby Union, Soccer, MotoX, Enduro-X, Pro Wrestling... just to name a few!

If you're planning an event in 2016 that contributes to your local community then we'd love to hear about it. We can't promise to support everyone, but like to keep things as diverse as possible. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

Hopefully we see you at an event next year, or at one of the last in 2015:
  • 7-8th Nov - Schwartz Crossfit Challenge 2015 (Victoria)
  • 14-15th Nov - IFBB NSW State Championships (NSW)
  • 15th Nov - Octane Games (NSW)
  • 21st Nov - Tasmanian Championship Wrestling (Tas)
  • 27-29th Nov - IFBB 2015 Amateur Olympia & National Championships (Qld)
  • 28th Nov - Tasmanian Strongman Round 4 (Tas)
  • 5th Dec - NQ Powerlifting Open 4 (Qld)
  • 12th Dec - Valor MMA (Tas)

* You can always request a free sample in your order's shipping instructions!

We're discontinuing Sesamin Capsules, we have only a few bottles left in stock, so if you're a fan of these, we suggest you grab a couple at 50% off! ($25 down from $50).

The good news is that if you miss out on this great run out special, our powderedSesamin Extract is still available for the low price of $42 for 100g.


Regular readers of the Bulk Nutrients Blog will know all about the #BulkTeam15 updates. But if you happened to miss them, we've got articles coving the Tassie Tiger's bronze win in the AHL and a great post detailing how teams that won prizes earlier in the year used Bulk Nutrients products to reach their fullest potential.


Oh and there's one last surprise for this newsletter... we've released Natural WPI &Natural WPC in a 100% Organic Strawberry flavoured option!

Interested in these protein options which contain absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners? Shop for Natural WPI or Natural WPC today!

Til next time,

The Team at Bulk Nutrients


Hooded Kunce
[MENTION=10497]Bulk Nutrients[/MENTION] ; when will the salted caramel become available in the matrix?
Outstanding job on the flavour, absolutely nailed it. Now you just need to fix that choc mint to what it used to be

Bulk Nutrients

Site Advertiser
@Bulk Nutrients ; when will the salted caramel become available in the matrix?
Outstanding job on the flavour, absolutely nailed it. Now you just need to fix that choc mint to what it used to be

hey [MENTION=16378]StrungOut[/MENTION]!
We first like to gauge popularity of a flavour with WPI and WPC first before they go on to our other proteins. Usually if they do exceptionally well with those two then it's likely they are introductions to our other proteins. We have only just released it though so we don't know the answer to that one yet.

I hear you on the Choc Mint. It's a tough one as we haven't changed supplier and the supplier swears that nothings changed. Same code numbers for the choc mint as we've always ordered off them for years now. Our formula hasn't changed either. Somewhere there was obviously a change.
I don't mind the new version. There are different variations to choc mint in the chocolate isle. The biscuits will have a version of it, the lollies will have another and the chocolate bars will be different too. I think the Choc Mint we offer now reminds me more of a lollie type where as before it was more choc mint biscuits.

Another new flavour on the horizon soon that we're working on. We'd like to perfect it first before releasing information.

Thank you!