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New member
Does anyone do dumbell or barbell pullovers to pre exhaust their lats prior to pulling/rowing movements?

Stiff 2G

SuperDooper Member
Never thought of that, but Lats have never been a problem for me so I don't think about them much. Old Man [MENTION=3627]Goosey[/MENTION] has some ubeaut Pullover contraption. But don't hold your breath, he's a temperamental old Barstool ... Ah, wait so am I.
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New member
I read that Dorian Yates used to do this before every back workout.
I've started doing a couple of light sets just focusing on mind-muscle connection for lat activation before pull ups and its made a noticeable difference!

stanly stud

New member
Pullovers are excellent for lats ! Dorian used a nautilus pullover machine. I mainly use a Dumbbell but a Barbell is good too. Can do them on a decline too.