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Quick Lock Dumbbells - Adjustable between 2.5-50kg


New member
Hi guys,
Has anyone on this board bought these dumbbells? Quick Lock Dumbells - Adjustable between 2.5-55kg*

They are a Force USA copy of the ironmasters with a hexagonal design and for sale in Aus for $600, compared to $900 for ironmasters for the same weight.

I had plenty of questions for the gym and fitness rep on the goldcoast but he said that while they sell them, they are an 'internet order' only and his store can't get them in for a demo.

I'd want to see these in person before buying, there are only a few pictures online and no videos or reviews. Like the ironmasters they come with a lifetime warranty, but on the USA site they suggest they go up to 55kg, in the photos from gymandfitness and the US site they have the dumbbell made up with 25kg on one side and 23.75kg on the other! So which is it- 50max or 55? How much do the handles weigh? how long are the handles? Argghh. The rep couldn't tell me much as he hadn't seen them in person, but he did say they get about a call a week enquiring after them. With 3 stores in Australia, that's 150 enquiries a year, and if only 10% of you have taken the plunge and 'online only' ordered them that's at least 15 people here who should own them right??

Any satisfied owners here who can give me a review?

Thanks in advance


New member
So... no one owns them then?
That's a shame because it looks like gymandfitness.com.au doesn't stock them right now either, or ever again.. After speaking to the goldcoast rep on the weekend at his suggestion I rang up the 1800 number today. I got the most unhelpfull guy- "have you tried googling them man?" Yes, I've tried googling them.

There are seriously half a dozen listings through several different places - gumtree, getprice, myshopping etc all listing them as for sale with gymandfitness. Their website has a few products that they have 'out of stock' clearly marked on, but when I rang, the genY retard told me that they don't have them in stock. I wasn't even sure he understood which force USA adjustable dumbbells I was talking about (they have ones that go up to 20kg and adjust with a tab to pick up a plate - not at all like the ironmaster style i was looking at). When i told him that they had the hex style ironmaster ones on their website, and they weren't marked as out of stock (like other products are) he asked me "where exactly does it say that they are IN stock?" Are you serious?! You can add them to your cart and checkout! Long story short, according to the brain surgeon i spoke to these dumbbells may be hard to get in AU, as the only people listing them for sale can't get them in apparently.

It's a shame. Gym gear is so expensive here, the second hand market is thin and the nearest thing I've seen to ironmaster dumbbells that we can get for close to what the yanks pay for their ironmasters, is proving impossible to get. What a tease. I was getting positively woody for these too...

I've emailed Force USA direct to see if they still sell them here and if they have any other reps that might have them in stock. If not it's $900 for ironmasters, or more likely, $2.5k for a prostyle set.


New member
That's a shame because it looks like gymandfitness.com.au doesn't stock them right now either, or ever again.. After speaking to the goldcoast rep on the weekend at his suggestion I rang up the 1800 number today. I got the most unhelpfull guy- "have you tried googling them man?" Yes, I've tried googling them.

I have found this to be the case with gym and fitness. It's incredibly frustrating to find a product you like the look of (admittedly at a good price) then call up, or email to place an order only to find that the item you want is out of stock and possibly never coming back in stock. I suspect that the 'bait and switch' is a fairly important part of their business model.

have you considered shelling out the cash for the ironmasters? I have them and love them. Well worth the money if you like training with dumbells.


Well-known member
I find most Aussie places are useless for costumer service.

Can usually get stuff delivered from overseas before local places have even bothered to email you back.


New member
Robxxx - Ha it's funny you mention the bait and switch. I didn't want to rag on the phone guy any harder in that post, but being a dooffus, he pretty much let on that that is exactly what they do.
After asking me to explain where it said on their site that it was IN stock (he didn't understand a double negative apparently, "well it's not listed as not available, and some of your other products are..." I asked him outright - "so if I add it to my cart and check out right now what will happen?" He helpfully explained that a salesman would call me to explain that that product is out of stock and offer me an alternative product, or you know, my money back?"

That's great when I've spent ages coming to the decision to buy them based on their assumed availability from numerous current ads (for 40% off too!) and the fact that they were not not available on their site!

Bazza20 - speaking of ordering overseas I actually emailed ironmaster USA a while back to see how much it would cost to order them direct. They had a sale on, and I think at the time you could buy the base set without the stand in the US. Seeing as the entry level in AU includes the stand, I would be looking at $700 + $290 + $300 for a second set of handles and the add on kit to buy them here.

It's not so much the price as the value to me personally. I'm planning on buying a set of prostyles eventually and I already have a set of selecttech dumbbells up to 40kg (hey don't judge, my GF bought them for me), as well as olympic handles and weights.
For $700 the Force USA dumbbells filled a niche in my dumbbell needs - they have the flat ends to kick them up for presses (unlike the olympic handles) but they would have been sturdy enough to dump them on a last heavy set (unlike the selecttechs which are made of glass, and only go up to 40kg anyway) Also when i buy a prostyle set in the future, these would fit it well as 42.5's or 47.5's between say some pairs of 40,45,50. At those weights you pay $350 and up per dumbbell, so even replacing 2 pairs would cover their cost.

If anyone has some old ironmasters for sale, or knows of anyone selling a pair of these, give me a shout!