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At 21, looking bigger (but certainly not better) than old school Frank Zane. Prides himself on being as honest as. Wouldn't mind seeing an interview done with him re the pro bodybuilders who've passed away, despite their "knowledge" on the subject of drugs. Each to his own, but I would love to hear his responses; answers, comments, and whether having pride in telling it like it is to his clients and the whole world (?!!) is as, or more important than having pride in being honest with one's own-self?


The comments are the best!

"should have injected that sinthol into your motherfucking heart, goddammit! gotta confuse the cardiovascular system, right babe?"


Johnnie Walker

Borderline Kunce
arms look shit as.

and whats that kunce talking about high tren low test then says 100mg tren a day and 500-750mg of test per week lol
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Fucked up Kunce
There are many Loyd.
Didn't know John was his father. I wonder what John thanks about Bostin telling the world John took roids. Hahahah.


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
All that for what? Lol...still looks pretty shit...his training partner looks better...