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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Buying your first house? Choosing a real estate agent? Looking for a Realtor? A full time investor? Buying your first duplex? This is the spot for first timers, secondtimers, landlords, rehabbers, flippers, and buy-and-holders

Johnnie Walker

Borderline Kunce
Hi, i would like to buy a massively over valued asset on as little down as possible. Even though im years late to the party i am surely guaranteed to make money.

is 1% down ok?


New member
It's funny how at the time property always seems overvalued, then 10 years later. If only I had brought that place.


Standard kunce
I don't think the new APRA policy will effect the prices in the housing market at all, it will just make it harder to get loans.


Standard kunce
And aren't most of the APRA changes related to making it harder for investors to get loans? Not owner occupiers?


New member
but you said they are getting loans.. now you dont know how they are paying? ussual bazza bs

Yeah. Got me, I did.

Let me change that. They are buying property and keeping prices up fine.

My bullshit. Do we have to go back over your garbage about food and farming again. Lol.


YOLO Kunce
How else are they gonna laundry dirty money these days? If they keep it at home and get caught, it's off to the firing squad lol.