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Reducing pull/chin up bar knurling


Hooded Kunce
Anyone have a work around for this? Trying to get around filing it down and repaint it, don't want to file it down uneven. At the moment I just have a small towel wrapped around it. Looking for a better solution to reduce the knurl.
Inb4 toughen up, wear gloves.
For reference the second picture is of my bop barbell




Hooded Kunce
I have been thinking about that and wouldn't the adhesive come through a fair bit especially in summer weather


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Too much knurling? Is there such a thing??
I guess it would hurt with all the kipping you do.

Get some thin rubber and cable tie it around there, obviously not where you usually place your hands.


Hooded Kunce
[MENTION=17161]White_Lie[/MENTION] ; haha arsehole. Normally I'd be saying that as well but it really isn't tolerable when doing more than bodyweight singles like you.
[MENTION=12395]Grunta[/MENTION] ; fuck yes. Can't believe I forgot about this. Chucked it on my dip bars I made.

Cheers for the ideas guys