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Romie's Transformation 2013


New member
Sex: male
Age: 27
Height: 6'2/188cm
Body Weight: 77kg
Body fat: skinnyfat

Best lifts since I've restarted training
Squat 5RM 55kg
Deadlift 5RM 80kg
Bench 5RM 55kg

I havnt trained lower body for 4 weeks and that's why my bench is about to overtake my squat

Previous best lifts @ 90kg before I fell off the wagon with health issues, all 5RM
Squat 90kg
Deadlift 105kg
Bench 62.5kg
BB Row 62.5kg
Press 47.5kg

-fix my hamstring/glute of my left leg so I'm able to squat and deadlift
-get rid of the skinny fat look
-90-95kg bodyweight
-100kg bench for reps
-look good nekkid

Pictures and measurements added 6/1/2013, 77.6kg BW

Neck 36.5cm
Shoulders 110cm
Upperarm 32cm
Forearm 29cm
Chest 98cm
Waist 90.5cm
Hips 97cm
Thigh 54cm
Calves 38.5cm







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Tasty Kunce
Yep, was thinking the same thing. I think your body will respond well to consistent weight training and a good diet. You have good natural mass in your legs so that's half the job already done.

Smash it hard and reap the rewards.


New member
Thanks guys I'm hoping for a really good year if I can stay consistent without injuring myself.


New member
Ive decided to pull out of this at the moment, maybe ill post my end of year pictures but I doubt it. Unfortunately I was involved in a motorbike accident and 2 months after I am still having problems with the wrist and hand. As I have a physically demanding job I think it is slowing down my recovery greatly but unfortunately I cant really take off time off work so I just got to hang in there. All I can do at the moment is safety bar squats and yoke carries as holding a barbell hurts my hand. This year has been a disaster but maybe I can still build a decent body with 2 exercises.


Fucked up Kunce
Al the best with the recovery. There's always next year.

Sent from my iPod touch from Pluto


New member
surely theres other things you can do. If not, now is a good time to set up your diet and rehab sessions in prep for a big 2014


New member
Thanks Shrek. Taurus ill see how it goes over the next few weeks. I am only going to introduce one exercise a week so I can see how it goes. I know the SSB squats were actually worse on my wrists than a normal back squat as holding the bar had alot of weight dumped on the wrists. Tried a back squats today with wrists wrap for extra support and it was fine. Also hanged off the pull up bar to stretch my back and that didnt help so I have a feeling I will be able to do some type of pulling exercise. I think the problem is if the weight is pushing into my wrist like with any pressing exercise, I think pulling will be ok.