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Rotator Cuff


I really can’t overemphasise enough the importance of training this group of muscles and tendons that stabilise the shoulder.

If knee injuries are the gold medalist in putting an athlete in hospital, or worse, ending their sporting career; then this group of muscles and tendons we call the rotator cuff group would certainly get the silver medal.

Well since prevention is better than cure, I advise you to learn as much as possible about the rotator cuff muscles and pay them their due respect. For without doing so, you can kiss you bench press, shoulder press and many other compound exercises goodbye. These babies are not called shoulder stabilisers for nothing!

Do check my added attachment and follow the link below please. Thank you.

Watch this of Branch Warren and make sure you fast forward it to 1:55 for the rotator cuff muscles warm up.


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Lord Yoda,

Probably about 4 months into me starting to go to the gym (about 1 year ago) I did my RC in whilst doing raised dubbell flys. Very painful. Probable cause: iggnorance.

I would heed Master Yoda's advice on this one, as the receovery of about 2 months of physio followed by about 2 months of limited light to medium gym work was a massive pain in the a*rse. I could barely benchpress 20kg when I got back into the gum due to my RC being so weak. It was a very, very slow (i.e. months) build up on bench (basically if you try and lift to much it will knacker your RC again. Do too little then its not going to get stronger).

I now always pay good attention to my shoulders when working out. Pleasingly my bench is much better now. I'm now doing PBs just about every fortnight.



Lucku, the shoulders Dislocation exercise you've put-up is also great. Whilst the one I suggested done with the dumbells is great for strengthening and warming up the rotator cuff area; the dislocation exercise is great for stretching the muscles around the shoulder area as well as warming its joint.

I began doing the shoulder dislocation exercise as a young boy of 7 to warm up my shoulders before gymnastic sessions.

PS: You can always use a towel if there was no broom stick in the house.

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Anonymous User
I would also suggest throwing in some high rep movements going for about 100 a day (not at once). Using non weighted or very very light weight external roataions, scapula retraction, scapula depressions and also work on you pec, lat, serratus anterior and anterior head of the deltoid stretches both dynamic and static. All can be tight and as they are internal rotators they will cause a dysfunctional shoulder along with weak scapula retractors and weak rotator cuff muscles.
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The rotators in my left arm are stuffed from cricket back in the day, i train them/warm them up every time i go to the gym.