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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Hello Gents,

I thought I would start a discussion on shaving. A subject that is rarely spoken about yet we all do it.

when i first start shaving, i have always used a safety shaver , mainly because that is what my dad used and passed it down onto me

have tried using a cartridge shavers but found that they seemed to pull on my stubble before cutting which was quite irritating


Safety or DE shaving


Straight razor

So Gents what works for you? What products do you use/recommend?

El Testicle

Goat that feeling
Cartridge... but none of this 5 or 6 blade crap... Just an old Gillette 2 blade thing they will probably stop making cartridges for some time soon...

Like the look of the safety shaver though.. Are they easy to source blades for?


YOLO Kunce
Electric shaver to trim the long bits, then Mach 3 to really get all them pubes off. The key is to use shit loads of cream to prevent jock itch later.


Standard kunce
i only shave twice a week, but use cartidge razor, recently got onto the razors at aldi and i was sceptical at first but they are actually qukte good and a fractiin of the cost of Gillette or Schick....


Packing a Huge Member
I use the (I think) Gilette Mach 3, it's the one with a battery in the handle where the blades oscillate.
At first I thought it was a bit of a gimmick, but could never go back to normal shavers, they sorta rub the hair off rather than cut it.
This thing actually works.


New member
good wash in shower

warm water on face

on recommendation of my barber.. heaps better than watery foam crap and the overpriced $15 tubs

DE razor - pass over twice

rinse with cold water


. . . .



New member
Can't beat a good cut throat razor shave, but I use the Schick five bladed one.. Would like to get a decent electric one though

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New member
Gilette Mach 3. You can buy blades online in bulk for $1.50 each.

Safety razors are too much fuss for me.


New member
DE razor.

Blades are very, very cheap, and it does a better job than those multibladed contraptions to boot.

Haven't tried a cut throat, but apart from the fear factor I couldn't be bothered on the upkeep of the blade.

Big Dave

New member
I use a DE razor but more importantly use a proper shaving brush and soap, lather away and it makes shaving better for all types of razor. Much better than those foam in a can types.

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YOLO Kunce
lol I use electronic shaver as well for both, I just shave my face with it first before ripping it into my ballz
I first started shaving when I was 14, I used my dads phillishave, since then I've gone through lots of; blades and shavers.

The best overall shave I've gotten is from the Panasonic (the one made in japan) wet and dry.

i also use the lab series per shave lotion, it give an even closer shave.

when using a blade, I really liked provaso shaving foam, but shaving is a pain in the arse to me.


Punxsutawney resident
Highly recommend the use of shaving oil as opposed to foams/gels etc., makes a big difference...(as superior lubrication always does)....