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Wide shoulders with a matching and balanced set of trapezius muscles is just what the doctor ordered. I like performing the wide grip barbell upright rows, as it really gives me a magnificent and simultaneous pump in both my side deltoids and trapezius muscles, however my left shoulder is not in favour of this movement as of late. OK, so I've changed it to suit, yet maintain the benefit of the upright rowing movement. How did I do that? With a single arm d/bell upright rowing.

There are two variations to this exercise, feel free to experiment and do what suits your body mechanics best. One version is the fully upright torso stance during the pulling of the dumbbell towards your shoulder, whilst the other version sees to it that your upper torso is more or less standing at a slight forward lean (say) at 85 degrees or so (nearly upright but not quite so). Also, one sees you holding onto a bench, just as if you were performing some single arm bent over d/bell rows, whilst the other version sees you holding onto something (anything for more balance and stability really).

Below are two videos, the first being of Noah Siegel, performing the exercise with his torso slightly bent forward, whilst in the second video we have Jim Cordova standing more or less in an upright position.

I find, like both of these two gentlemen, that more emphasis is placed on the side deltoids and trapezius, whilst at the same time both shoulder joint impingement and rotator cuff tendinitis become a nuisance of the past.

For Jim Cordova's video, please fast forward to 2:17 where he begins talking about the one arm d/bell upright rows.

[video=youtube;xzTFYXUcPPc]https://www.youtube.com/watch?zv=xzTFYXUcPPc             [/video]

Thank you.

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