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New member
Hey guys has any of you all used a split routine during the competitive season for sports performance?


Packing a Huge Member
I have
Works well if you looking to add some muscle mass
negatives are: you’ll have to put up with feeling sore and tired


Well-known member
yes, splits worked well for me and just about every bb and athlete I have known well. helped me improve my speed, size and strength.


Fucked up Kunce
[FONT=&quot]Heres Mo’s Meal schedule Mark[/FONT]

  • Breakfast-9 am, oatmeal, protein drink with fruit
  • AFter Weight room-12:30 pm protein drink
  • After Track-3 pm, protein drink
  • Dinner-6 pm, chicken breasts, veggies
  • Desert-Protein drink
  • before bed-10 pm, protein drink.

He loves a protein drink.

Cum Shot

Bukkake Kunce
How low are his carbs/fats. He'd have awesome genetics to be able to eat that low calories and train that hard at the same time.
I’m thinking seasonal sports like footy and such.

and yes I included weight lifting as a sport, but unlike that and boxing and judo you aren’t necessarily confined to a time line.

in the off season your choice of training is up to you and what will garner your best outcome, but during season (if I was your coach) I don’t want you in the gym and if you are it would need to be efficient and injury preventative in nature.t
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Well-known member
looks very low, but could be a fair bit in protein drinks.

but sprinters do not require high daily calories so I suspect carbs not that high.